The moment thought of traveling to Indiana comes into one's mind it creates the images of Indianapolis 500 race. And thinking that won't be wrong but here we have brought you more than that to let you know the beauty of this city. From corn-stubbled Indiana to the big architecture in small Columbus and from pie-eating in Amish Country to meditating in Bloomington's Tibetan temples, the city offers dedicated places for every single mood to cheer. In every direction of Indiana, you will get to learn something new with its history, culture, weather, and the locals of the city.

Best time to travel to Indiana

After knowing this, you must be wondering which is the best time to visit Indiana. Well, for this, you should plan your trip in autumn between early September to late October. In this period, the temperature is pleasant and the weather gets favorable for the tourists with a range of F to F. On the other hand, the flight fare and hotel reservations may trouble you during autumn as most people visit the city at this time hence affecting the fare is expected. So, you should wisely plan your vacation and book the tickets in advance to avoid any kind of hassles.

Moving ahead, you should once go through the places that you should never miss in Indiana in the next section.

Places You Shouldn't Miss in Your Travel to Indiana

  • Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park.
  • St. Louis Zoo
  • Cataract Falls
  • Kesling Wetland and Farmstead
  • Brown County State Park
  • Kissing Bridges
  • Clifty Falls State Park
  • Turkey Run State Park
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art

And the list doesn't end here. Once you reach there you won't be able to embrace the beauty of the city with a perfect balance of fast-paced city life as well as the calmness of countryside places including the Tibetan temples. So, gear up, fasten your seat belt and take the flight to Indiana for living a life that you always strives for.

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