Can I use American Airlines miles on Qantas?

Frequent flyers continuously seek ways to maximize their rewards and journey reports. One such query frequently arises is whether American Airlines miles can be used on Qantas flights. In this blog submission, we can discover the partnership between American Airlines and Qantas and its benefits for travelers looking to use their American miles on Qantas flights.

Partnership Overview

American Airlines and Qantas participate in the Oneworld international airline alliance that connects over 1,000 locations globally. This partnership allows travelers to enjoy various benefits, including reciprocal frequent flyer benefits, entry to airport lounges, and the capacity to earn and redeem miles across both airways.

Using American Miles on Qantas:

Yes, The best news is that its miles are indeed possible when it involves redeeming American Airlines miles on Qantas flights.People must check award availability, booking process, taxes and fees etc.

Here are some key pointers that you should  keep in mind:

Award Availability: American Airlines permits its AAdvantage individuals to redeem their miles for award travel on Qantas flights. However, the provision of award seats has the same restrictions as any other award booking, such as confined availability during peak tour periods.

Booking Process: To book a Qantas flight using American miles, you could visit American Airlines' internet site. The online booking tool will show award flights, and you can pick your preferred Qantas flight accordingly.

Taxes and Fees: When redeeming American miles on Qantas, it's essential to observe that you may be responsible for paying taxes, expenses, and surcharges associated with the booking.

Upgrades: In addition to using miles for award tours, American Airlines AAdvantage members can also use their miles to upgrade from a lower-class carrier to a higher one on eligible Qantas flights.

Benefits of Using American Miles on Qantas:

Utilizing your American Airlines miles for Qantas flights offers numerous benefits:

Expanded Network: Qantas operates an intensive network throughout Australia, Asia, the Pacific, and the past. Using American Miles lets you get the right of entry to destinations that might not be served directly using American Airlines.

Premium Cabin Experience: Qantas is famous for its top-class cabin merchandise. Using American miles to book these cabins allows indulging in a top-rate tour experience.

Enhanced Frequent Flyer Benefits: As a Oneworld alliance member, American AAdvantage members can earn miles and elite reputation credits when flying on Qantas.


The partnership between American Airlines and Qantas opens up many possibilities for standard flyers. By leveraging your American miles, you can experience the advantages of flying with Qantas and discover its vast network of locations, whether searching for an award or upgrading to a top-class cabin.

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