What airplanes does Cebu Pacific use now?-Essential points of Cebu

Cebu Pacific is the best national carrier in the Philippines and is known as a low-cost airline. It is based in Pasay, which is in Metro Manila. Moreover, this airline is also known as the best airline in giving away the best in class services and facilities because the aircraft that Cebu Pacific is using are going to be the ones with the ultimate in-flight services and structure to give the travelers comfort and proper assistance. Since you have been planning to travel with Cebu Pacific flight tickets, but you don't have the general information that is deemed in terms of the airplanes that the airline uses, then read a few points for your guidance. 

Essential points in reference to the Cebu Pacific airplane uses:

  • Cebu Pacific has been covering the most expansive routes within the Philippines, comprising domestic networks and international routes with 25 destinations. 

  • Secondly, the Airbus used by CEB (Cebu Pacific) airlines is going to be 18 A320ceo, 16 A320neo, seven (7) A321ceo, 13 A321neo, one (1) A330ceo, six (6) A330neo, 14 ATR 72-600, and 2 ATR freighters.

  • In addition, Cebu Pacific is also heading towards including more narrowbody aircraft within the travel segments to provide the most appropriate references and make travel more accessible and more convenient.

Is Cebu Pacific Boeing or Airbus?

Cebu Pacific has a complete Airbus segment, including the narrowbody fleet, which does not rule out the Boeing order. Thus, if you need to get the information for Cebu Pacific Boeing or Airbus, then you are supposed to accumulate such sort of information only when you get to the fleet size section and get along with it over the official website of Cebu Pacific. 

How many flights does Cebu Pacific fly per day?

Sometimes, travelers get confused with per-day flights that operate with Cebu Pacific flights. Regardless of this point, Cebu Pacific flights have a high stake in the market, so this airline sends more than 400+ flights that serve more than 60 domestic and international, which will be around 14 countries. 

What does 5J mean in Cebu Pacific? 

5J refers to Cebu Pacific's IATA code, which is also known as the IATA designator code. After making a flight reservation with this airline, go to terminal 3 to board your Cebu Pacific (5J) flight. The flight will depart from Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport. However, to get more appropriate knowledge of the Cebu Pacific 5J, you will be able to get a reference for further details.


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