Can the Russia-Ukraine conflict slow down the travel rate to Europe?

Will Russia-Ukraine conflict slow summer travel to Europe?

With uplifting international restrictions and ease in the pandemic, things were looking bloomy for European travelers this summer. Many travelers have already booked flights, cruises, and tour packages for their summer holidays, but then the Russia-Ukraine conflict happened! With relief from the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the European travel industry was expecting a boom in business.

But the real question is, will Russia-Ukraine conflict slow summer travel to Europe. If you plan a trip in the coming summer, you must bow down to the uncertainty. Check out the upcoming section to understand what travel advisers have to say on this unfortunate matter.

Effects of Russia-Ukraine Conflict on the Summer Travel

As per the recent reports, the Federal Aviation Administration has lengthened the no-fly zone on Thursday. The no-fly zone for the United States carriers now covers all the Ukraine, Belarus, and western Russia parts. Russia has banned the United Kingdom airlines from entering its airspace, meaning that the travel industry is getting messier. By reading the below-mentioned points, you get a clear picture of the turmoil that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused:

  • The International Transport Association group issued a warning on Thursday stating that “closure of additional airspace could impact this scenario.” The issuance results from many flights being rerouted via nearby countries to Russia and Ukraine.

  • As per the travel advisers, a traveler can find an easy, though a bit late response if they want to rebook, reschedule or cancel the reservation of their trip to Europe. So, travelers who wonder will Russia-Ukraine conflict slow summer travel to Europe, Erika Richter, American Society of Travel Advisors spokesperson, has some things to say. She adds, “given the rapidly changing situation, it is still too early to tell.”

  • On the other hand, some travel agents stay unaffected by the conflict as they have already pulled strings to adjust the itineraries to Europe. 

  • Norwegian Cruise Line said it is rerouting the trips to avoid Russian and Ukrainian ports. Viking Cruises says, “We have made the difficult decision to cancel all 2022 departures of our Kyiv, Black Sea, and Bucharest itinerary.”

Effects of the Russian-Ukraine Strife on the Airfare

Seeing a skyrocketing price of fuel, airlines have increased the airfares too. Scott Keyes, the founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, told NBC, “two months ago, a round-trip to Paris cost around $600, but now, unless you are flying from New York City, you’d be lucky to find one for under $750.” Adding to which he said, “a month from now, $900-plus will be the norm.”

So, to resolve your question about will Russia-Ukraine conflict slow summer travel to Europe, you might get an exaggerated airfare owing to the increase in oil prices. So, yes, it is no wonder if you find European trips slower than usual this summer just because Russia invaded Ukraine!


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