Do i need pcr test in Cebu Pacific Airlines?

Cebu Pacific is an airline from the Philippines and has innumerable flights for domestic and international destinations. After the pandemic happened, every airline had to operate according to their government advisories and Covid 19 rules, and regulations. To keep the passenger's safe several rules were introduced that had to be strictly followed by the airline and the passengers.
Read the upcoming segment to get an idea of the Cebu Pacific guidelines for Covid 19 to follow the rules to avoid any inconvenience at the airport or on the flight.

Yes when you are flying with Cebu Pacific you have required earlier than 72 hours negative RT-test result. This RT-PCR test must be confirmed by Philippine Red Cross only.

Cebu Pacific Covid19 policy of the airline:

  • Given the situation of covid 19, Cebu Pacific may change the flight schedules anytime, and the timings are subject to change last minute depending on government regulations.
  • Cebu Pacific will also consider the rules of the respective countries' Covid 19 rules where the international flights will be arriving with passengers.
  • Passengers are requested to obtain the knowledge of the local authority rules before flying into a country on Cebu Pacific international flights to avoid any inconvenience on immigration.
  • As per Covid 19 rules, a scheduled flight may be canceled at the last minute if it hinders the rules and guidelines.
  • All the Cebu Pacific flights are carefully cleaned and sanitized for passengers' protection and safety.
  • The staff of Cebu Pacific is vaccinated and trained to interact with the passengers maintaining all the covid 19 rules and regulations.
  • Cebu Pacific uses Biosecurity measures to ensure the well-being of passengers and the employees.
  • All domestic and international flights of Cebu Pacific will be regulated according to the local authority's Covid 19 rules.

Cebu Pacific Covid19 policy for the passengers:

  • Every passenger must get a PCR test before the journey to confirm being covid negative.
  • Passengers are requested to follow the relevant protocols to help the airline maintain the safety and stop the pandemic.
  • The use of a face mask, sanitizer, and hand gloves are mandatory for passengers of all ages, gender, and nationality.
  • A passenger may be denied entry or boarding of a flight if found without a face mask at the airport.
  • Passengers must carry all the necessary documents related to the covid test and their present health conditions.
  • If a passenger has flu, cold, or any other symptoms of covid, they are requested not to travel to protect other passengers.
  • Passengers are requested to avail of the contactless facilities provided to complete airport formalities like online check-in, baggage drop area, obey the social distancing rules, and avoid physical contact at the airport or onboard.
  • Please avoid queuing up at the Cebu Pacific counter and arrive at the airport early to maintain the distance on the security check line.
  • Passengers are requested to get a rapid antigen test report not done before 48 hours of the scheduled flight.
  • The rapid antigen report or covid negative report must be produced on demand by the airline before boarding.
  • The baggage carried by the passengers must also be properly sanitized.
  • Passengers are requested not to use any public facilities without proper precautions.

To conclude cebu pacific covid policy is curated to keep the passengers safe and covid free. For further information on the policy and necessary documents, please contact Cebu Pacific customer service.

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