Do you need a Covid test to fly Southwest to Las Vegas?

Do I need to give a Covid test to fly with Southwest to Las Vegas?

Southwest Airlines is known as the world’s largest low-budget carrier of the United States. Even after being a low-cost airline, Southwest keeps all the safety measures to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus. The airline has embraced several technological and onboard changes to make travel even safer for travelers.

The airline has made it mandatory for everyone to bring an attested copy of the COVID report stating that the passenger is tested negative and healthy enough to continue traveling. So, if you have booked a ticket with Southwest Airlines and are wondering do you need a Covid test to fly Southwest to Las Vegas, the answer is YES! You can find more about the COVID rules and regulations proposed by the airline.

COVID policy at Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines makes sure that a safe and secure environment is maintained throughout the journey. The airline closely monitors all the restrictions and policies enforced by the present Government to stay away from this deadly pandemic. To get detailed information about the preventive measures taken by the airline, read the given pointers:

  1. Each passenger must bring documentation, testing, and verification certificates validating their well-being for the trip.
  2. If you are taking international tickets, you need to abide by the rules and regulations imposed in your particular state.
  3. If cancellation is made because of a pandemic or its restrictions, the airline is subjected to providing a full refund.
  4. Southwest performs potential COVID-19 tests upon arrival and temperature checks after you land at your destination to monitor the passengers closely and avoid further unfortunate consequences.
  5. The customer service department at Southwest is very active and strives to provide updates regarding any new restrictions as soon as possible.
  6. If you are boarding an international flight with its destination in Las Vegas, passengers are required to do these things:
  7. Submit a written document to the present American Government which states that you have tested negative for the virus or have successfully recovered. 
  8. When traveling in a group, all the members must fill the same form stating their well-being to continue further. If you fail to fill the form before you arrive at the airport, you must do so after you reach the airport before onboarding.

Even in this cursed pandemic situation, Southwest Airlines has maintained its calm and requires the passengers to be relaxed as well. If you have booked a ticket to Las Vegas and need to be sure, do need a Covid-19 test to fly with Southwest to Las Vegas? The answer is Yes! Southwest Airlines is following all the measures, and it is the best time to cooperate with the airline to surpass the COVID-19 dangerous effects.


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