Does Air Canada charge for meals?

Air Canada is a popular Canadian airline that offers a wide range of food on board. The airline has a policy to provide complimentary meals for all classes on international flights. However, in case you have special requirements, you can purchase special meals for all flights within North America except the flights where the Air Canada Bistro services are provided.

The article below will put more focus on Air Canada food policy and how you can purchase your special meals.

Read the complete article below till the end to avoid any confusion related to Air Canada meals.

The Highlights of Air Canada Food Policy

Yes Air Canada offer free meals for International flights. For economy class offers various food options based on the destinations you are flying to and the departure airport. The meals are complimentary for international flights, including beer and wine options.

Flights offer two meal choices at meal times, mostly vegetarian and non-vegetarian. For direct international flights, it may include a stop in a Canadian city, where you can get complimentary snacks/meal items on the flight's domestic portion.

When travelling in Premium Economy on an international flight, you can enjoy a welcome drink and two main meal dishes served in China with cutlery. On flights within North America, you get complimentary snacks and light options.

Air Canada Bistro

Within North America and to the Caribbean

The Economy class does not include food on North American and Caribbean flights. There, you can purchase from the Air Canada Bistro menu, which includes several hot and cold meal items before 2 hours. The tea, Juice, and Lavazza coffee are free. You can buy the Air Canada Bistro Voucher around 24 hours prior to departure via manage my booking options.

Special Meals

Air Canada also provides special meals for flights within North America and International flights. 

Flights within North America: Special meals are available in premium Economy and Business class. The special meals are not available for flights where Air Canada Bistro service is given.

International flights: Special Meals are available for all classes on all flights where meals are offered, except for flights using Air Canada Bistro Survive. 

You must order special meals at least 24 hours before the departure of the first flight in your itinerary.

Special Meals include meals for Vegetarian Asian/ Hindu, Baby, Child, Diabetic, Gluten intolerant, Hindu-non-vegetarian, Kosher, Low-calorie, etc.

How to order Air Canada special meals?

If you want to order special meals, you can select them at the time of booking or later by visiting the 'Manage My Bookings' or contacting 'Air Canada Reservation.' Check out the process below:

  • Head to the Air Canada official website and login 

  • Else go to the Manage my booking, and provide confirmation number and surname

  • Access the booking details and select the ticket you want to add a meal for.

  • Proceed with the ad service option and then meals '

  • Add your special meals, and you can proceed with the payment 

Conclusion: Per Air Canada food policy you get complimentary food when flying on international flights. Besides, you can purchase special meals or order via Air Canada Bistro based on the route and destination you are flying.


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