Does CDC Restructures Covid-19 Travel Warning System?

With the intensity of the global Covid pandemic having a considerable downfall in the past few months, many countries have started to relax the covid regulations to fall back into the regular scheme of things. The European Union kick-started the process, and many of its members lifted the covid travel restrictions to allow accessible tourism without any need of showing or proving flyers covid history or the proof of vaccination.

Many other nations have followed through, and others have left the restrictions bare minimum. Now the American government and CDC have made some changes to the U.S. Covid 19 travel warning system to switch back to the pre-covid era functioning. As CDC Restructures Covid-19 Travel Warning System, it can be touted as one of the significant steps of the U.S. government policy regarding Covid.

What are the changes in the latest Covid 19 warning system?

The latest Covid 9 warning system is being regulated under the illustrated guidelines:

  • The U.S. government earlier had four categories to resolve all nations into different levels of Covid threat intensity.

  • These were from Level 1 to Level 4, in a numeric succession. Countries slotted in Level 1 were declared to be of “low” Covid threat.

  • The successive levels were named “moderate,” “high,” and “extreme.”

  • Travelers without full vaccination status were advised to avoid travel to level 3 countries, while no traveling was allowed to countries under level 4. This level 4 earlier had about 100 countries. Now the list has been reduced to about ten countries.

  • People with weakened immune systems are still advised to visit their doctors before planning a visit to Level 3 or level 4 countries, regardless of their vaccination status.

  • The slotting of the countries was done on the basis of a 28 days observation period. The number of cases noted by the government in these 28 days would be used to categorize the Covid threat level in a country.

  • The level 4 category is now reserved for countries with exceptional circumstances such as an exponential increase of Covid infections in a short period, too many case counts, the discovery of new variants, or healthcare collapse.

  • This category still will denote the nations with a no-travel policy for all American commuters, regardless of their Vaccination status or covid history.

All of this indicates that CDC has acknowledged the decrease of the Covid 19 pandemic’s bite in the past few months, as these restructured guidelines come after wearing a mask was removed from the strict adherence policies for Covid-19.

What are the other guidelines U.S. government CDC still recommends?

Apart from CDC Restructures Covid-19 Travel Warning System stated above, CDC still has kept all other guidelines the same as earlier.

  •  It’s still advisable to be fully vaccinated before traveling anywhere, regardless of the level of concern of the destination. 

  • Travelers are considered sick, even if they recovered from covid within a span of 90- days or got vaccinated within the same time period. They won’t be allowed to travel.

  • Traveling within five days of being exposed closely to someone who has Covid is not allowed. A Covid test status will be needed after the 5th day to get your travel confirmation.

  • Do not travel for a period of 10 days from the day you were tested positive for the Covid infection.

For more comprehensive details of the restructured CDC Covid19 guidelines, you can visit the official CDC website on any of your preferred internet browsers.


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