How can I change the birthdate on my flight ticket?-Find The Easy Ways

While booking the flight ticket, you will need to fill in all the required details correctly so that you do not face any trouble during the journey. After the reservation, if you see that the date of birthdate mentioned on the ticket is wrong, then it is vital to change it. Before you change birthdate on flight, you must be well-informed about the procedure, terms, and conditions for it. There are different ways to change your date of birth before boarding the flight. Select the mode that is more convenient to you. Here will discuss for the mediums in detail in the below-mentioned read. 

Supportive Methods to change date of birth on the flight ticket?

If you have filled out the incorrect date of birth while booking the flight ticket, you can change it by using multiple mediums. You will be enlightened with the methods in the para described below:

Change the date of birth via the calling process:

You can use the phone call process to change the birthdate to the flight ticket. This medium is one of the most meticulous and the best ways. You need to dial the airline customer support number and then follow the directions given below:

  • When you make a call, it will be forwarded to the computer's automated voice.

  • It will provide you with instructions, and once you follow them, then the call will be routed to the customer support executive.

  • They will give you accurate assistance with the process, rules, and regulations to change the date of birth.

Visit the helpdesk to change the birthdate:

To change your date of birth, you can go to the airport from where you have booked your flight ticket. At the helpdesk, you need to submit the birth certificate, valid identity proof, a copy of the passport, ticket, identity that the government approves, and other necessary papers. The customer service representative will make the correction and provide you with the new ticket along with the boarding pass.

For the birthdate change, send an email:

If you are still searching for an alternative way to change your date of birth on the flight ticket, then you can send an email to the customer service agent. While sending the mail, you need to attach the documents as per the requirement. Once you send an email the executive will revert to you within 2 to 4 days.

What are the policies for changing the date of birth on the flight ticket?

Before you change the date of birth on the flight ticket, you need to be fully aware of the guidelines for it. Birthdate change policies that are included below:

  • You need to provide all the important documents at the helpdesk of the airport.

  • If the passenger books a flight ticket through the travel agent, then they need to contact them for the birthdate change.

  • The airline will charge some costs for the birthdate change that will depend on the ticket type and the time.

  • The passenger cannot change the birthdate after check in for the flight.

  • You can also contact the airline.


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