How can I choose my seats on Rex Airlines?

Seat selection with the Rex process is very efficient and benefits passengers for a smooth journey. With its seat selection process, Rex ensures no compromise on your choice and comfort.

Rex Airline Seat Section Policy:

Some of the critical points of Rex Airlines seat selection policy are mentioned below.

  • With the seat selection of Rex policy, you can choose a standard seat that is more comfortable than the primary economy seat. You must pay a bit more to get your seat on Rex.

  • If you choose your Rex seat near the emergency exit, you must know the rules to ensure your safety during the flight.

  • Seat selection with Rex, you can also choose extra legroom seats and enjoy your comfortable ride after the payment. 

  • According to Rex Airline seat selection policy, you can travel with your child in your selected seat, and a child below the age of five won't get charged for the Rex flight.

can I choose my seats on Rex?

Rex Airlines lets its passengers choose preferred seats during different stages of ticket booking. You can select your seat with Rex in the following ways.

Seat selection at the time of Booking on Rex:

Before booking, you can choose your seat before you confirm your ticket. You can take the following steps to select your seat when booking with Rex Airlines.

  • Navigate through the site of Rex Airlines,

  • Click on Plan & Book.

  • You can click on Book, your flight under the Plan & book section.

  • Provide your details to book your flight.

  • The seat selection map will appear on your screen.

  • You can choose the seats onRex airlines you prefer during your trip.

  • You might need to pay a little extra to choose your seat.

  • After you complete your payment process, your flight ticket with your preferred seat is booked on Rex Airlines.

Seat selection at the time of check-in Rex:

To determine your seat at the time of check-in, you take the steps as follows:

  • Visit the Rex Airlines website.

  • Click on Manage your bookings.

  • Enter your booking number and last name to get your online ticket.

  • Proceed to the Check-in option.

  • Before you check in for your flight, Rex airlines allow you to choose your seat.

  • You can select your seat from the Rex seat map and complete the payment for the seat selection.

  • Rex Airlines will notify you via email about your preferred seat selection confirmation.

Seat selection at the airport (on the spot) on Rex:

You can also choose your seat with Rex Airlines when you reach the airport. You can ask Rex Airlines to present at the airport a seat map so that you can choose a seat for yourself. You must get to the airport 2 to 3 hours before flight departure as seat selection may take some time.

Passengers can choose their seat with Rex when booking their ticket, at check-in time, or at the airport. Rex provides an upgrade seat option to select a seat also.



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