How do I change the Delta Airline Flight Date?

Delta Airlines is one of the flights that can be referred to as a passenger's choice of flight to make both long-haul and short-haul flights. The airline is quite different in that it gives the passengers the much-required comfortable seating with wider spacious seats so they do not feel tired or lethargic after the flight. Delta Airlines also has favored flight change and cancellation flexibility, mostly without any additional charge, which makes it easy for a passenger to make a booking.

Being a passenger with Delta Airlines, if you would like to change your Delta Airline Flight Date, you can peruse through the necessary details with a focus on the process as described.

Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy

Delta Airlines' flight change policy is quite flexible and adaptable, which the passenger can refer to before making a change in the flight date with the airlines. The policy is given in detail here:

  • Delta Airlines allows passengers to change the flight date within 24 hours of making the booking with no change fees charged on the tickets purchased.

  • For tickets booked through third-party agents, the airline would charge an additional fee to make the necessary changes to the flight date.

  • In case the patient is suffering from some serious medical emergency or ailment-related situation, the airline offers the change without any additional fees charged, given they provide the necessary documents needed for verification.

  • Delta Airlines also offers the passenger with same-day flight change from the original departure date, which is majorly dependent on the availability of seats on the flight on the newly selected flight date.

  • Delays and cancellations of the scheduled flight before the departure time due to technical issues or other potential problems give the passenger the credibility to change Delta Airline Flight Date.

Delta Airline Flight Change Process

The flight change process can be time-consuming if the passenger doesn't have a clear-cut idea of how to proceed. Delta Airlines have given the passenger varied contact methods to make the change process easier, which are:

Changing the flight ticket date through the website of Delta Airlines

It is one of the most preferred methods of making flight changes as there is no third-party involvement or waiting time in case of making the changes directly at the official website of the airline. It can be proceeded as given below:

  • Go through the official website of Delta Airlines.

  • Click on My Trips and now required to find the originally scheduled trip.

  • Select the change or add flight option once you initiate the cancellation process with the airline before the departure so that the change process can be successfully initiated.

  • Select your flight, pay if necessary, and then make the final submission.

  • A confirmation email would be sent to you by the airline after a successful change process is initiated. The mail will be received at the official email address the passenger has registered with on the airline's website.


  • To change date open
  • Now Find your booking which you want to reschedule.
  • First cancellation process will complete then apply for change.
  • Choose your desired date for traveling and click on Save
  • Now booking details will send on your registered mobile by Delta.

In case the flight change through the website is not successful, the passenger can select the other methods of contact, which are:

Placing a call with the airline

Delta customer support representatives can be reached making the flight change by dialing and connecting at 800-221-1212. The team will provide you with an assigned representative who will guide you to complete the Delta Airline Flight Date. The service is available throughout the day on all days of the week.

Apart from the online methods and processes involved, the airline allows the passenger to make the changes through the offline process that can be done at the airport at the ticket counter, which is a reliable method in case the passenger is in a hurry to travel to the desired destination.

Delta Airline Flight Change Fee

The fee that needs to be paid for Delta flight change depends on the type of ticket purchased, the fare type, the destination where you would like to travel to, the travel route, and the price difference in the newly selected flight. In the case of non-refundable tickets, the airline charges from 0 USD to 300 USD to make the necessary changes, and in the case of non-refundable tickets, the change fee is not applicable, provided there is the availability of your selected seats with the airline.

Time is taken to receive the refund, if applicable

In case the newly booked flight has a fare rate lesser than the previous one, the airline will send back the remaining amount to the passenger on the official payment mode they selected. The passenger will receive the payment within 7-10 working days in case of online mode of payment made, and in case of cash or cheque deposit made, they can receive the refund amount in 15-20 business days from the date of processing the change request.


Hope the passenger now has a fair idea of how to change the Delta Airline Flight Date. From all the given methods, the passenger can choose the website process so that the entire process is not time-consuming or dependent on the airline representative. If the passenger still feels the need to get more information, they can refer to the official website of Delta Airlines.

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