How do I add lap baby on United Airlines?

Flying with the infants can be tricky; however, with a united, you can feel like you are home. The United staff is always ready with you at every step to ensure a smooth journey. Besides, you can always ask questions if you get stuck.

If your child is under two, they are considered lap child and can fly on your Lap. You don't need to book a separate flight ticket for them; however, you can add them with you.

Ways to add a lap child on United Airlines?

If you are flying with your lap child on United, you must inform the airline beforehand. You can do this while booking the ticket online or during the check-in. Here is how?

Add your lap child during the booking

  • Go to the United website and look for the flight booking page 

  • On the booking page, enter the details like departure & arrival destinations and dates

  • Then under travellers you get an option Lap on child' under the option infants.

  • Add your infant from there and proceed with the booking 

  • Then follow the general booking procedure, and you will be able to complete the booking 

  • The United team will send you a confirmation email soon after booking 

Add lap child during check-in

  • Head to the United website and click on the check-in option 

  • Enter the confirmation number and last name, and click on the search button 

  • Select the ticket you want to check in and click 'check-in now.'

  • You will get here option to add 'lap on child' and click on it 

  • Save the changes, follow the prompt, and you will get a confirmation email soon 

In addition to the procedure above, you can speak directly to the United Airlines support team and confirm the team to add your lap child. Now let's proceed further and check out the certain terms and conditions.

United Infant policy

If you are travelling with your infants, here are certain points you should consider: 

  • Infants under seven days old cannot travel on United Airlines. 

  • Infants over seven days old can travel only with an adult 18 years or older.

  • Infants on an adult lap on domestic flights do not need a ticket and can travel for free.

  • For infants travelling on international flights, they require a ticket. For a few international destinations, if they travel without a seat, they are charged 10 % of the adult fare during ticketing.

You can add a lap baby on United Airlines anytime by walking through the information above. If you still have any doubts or need additional information, visit the link United Lap Child. You can also speak to the united support team at 1-800-864-8331 for more details. 


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