How do I cancel flight Ticket with Allegiant Air?

Ready for the flight can be exciting, but sadly, life sometimes gets you to a point where your plan and ticket must be canceled. If you face the same situation, it is vital to understand the airline's policies, so you know how to proceed with it and save your cash with minimal pressure. In this blog, we will explain how to cancel Allegiant flight tickets, what the process is, and how we can help you in this and pursue it further.

Ways to cancel your flight online and offline

You can simple cancel Allegiant air reservation by online. Now click on “Manage Travel Section”. You can also contact Allegiant cancellation number by dialing (702) 505-8888 and discuss your cancellation issues with customer service team.

Steps to cancel Allegiant flights online

  • The first step is to Go to Allegiant Airline's official website.

  • Then, you need to Sign into the account by entering the email.

  • Then, Select the manage my option on the official booking site. 

  • Provide all the information, including your name or ticket number. 

  • Select your departure from the Trip Summary page

  • then click the Cancel Trip choice two times to confirm your choice.

  • To cancel one trip on a round trip, find the Itinerary Details part of the Trip Summary page and click on the button on the right peruse "cancel just this Flight."

To cancel one individual's ticket on a group itinerary, choose the name from the list of travelers and click on the "Remove Traveler" connect under their name. And you are done. However, you can contact the customer services team and get the required help if you face any issues.

Cancel the Allegiant flight ticket offline

  • Dial the Allegiant air toll-free number

  • Give the basic information, as well as your email address, to the customer support representative. 

  • When promoted, request the flight ticket cancellation. 

The customer assistance line is accessible every day, so go ahead and call whenever. After the details are sent, you will get a response from Allegiant Air. Now that we know the cancel Allegiant flight process, we better see the policy. Go ahead and read the further details.

What is Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy:

To cancel the flight, you need to see a few central issues of the cancellation policy. Thus to find the Allegiant air flight cancellation policy, you can peruse further:

  • To avoid the cancellation fees, you must cancel the flight within 24 hours of th purchase. 

  • If you continue for Allegiant flight cancellation after crossing the 24-hour cancellation time, you must bear the cancellation charges. 

  • In some cases, you face unexpected destruction of a relative; all things considered, you can cancel the flight anytime before takeoff with no additional charges.

  • You can cancel the flight as long as one hours before the flight and have a refund. 

  • Non-refundable tickets will get the travel credit after the flight cancellation, which they can use to buy the flight in future travel.

What is Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policies Due to COVID-19

  • To oblige the proceeded with the need for adaptability because of COVID-19, Allegiant's change/cancel expense has decreased to $25 per flight. 

  • Most changes and cancellations can now be made straightforwardly using visiting Manage Travel. 

  • A TripFlex reservation made with Allegiant is available for cancellation 24 hours after purchase with the airline. 

  • No change is permitted on the flight that does not fall under the Trip Flex category. 

 What amount does it cost you to Cancel a flight through Allegiant?

If you cancel the Allegiant air flight, you need to pay the charge of $25.00 approx. Depends upon the number of travelers. The actual costs will work out per the flight ticket, transporter, and time left. Consequently, the Allegiant Air flight cancellation charges Will be charged at the hour of flight ticket cancellation is made online or through the customer service help by dialing the toll-free number.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I cancel the Allegiant flight?

Ans: You can cancel your booking within 24 hrs of procurement for a full refund if Your booking is non-refundable. If you can cancel a non-refundable flight, you might not get the full refund. And if you cancel your flight, A credit voucher for future travel will be given for qualifying changes and the cancellation,


If you're reserving a flight with Allegiant and are concerned that you might have to cancel your flight or want the peace of mind to know that you would be able, buying a Trip Flex ticket will be your ideal choice. Regarding flight attendance, it's helpful to be aware before you go so that you can save yourself a lot of stress, time, and cash if those issues emerge. Though, if you face any problems regarding the cancel Allegiant flight tickets policy and the procedure, then do contact the customer service team. 


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