How do I cancel Cebu Pacific Flight?

Have you changed your mind or are stuck in any unavoidable situation and left with no choice except to cancel your reservation. Then don't worry; airlines understand their passengers and allow them to cancel their flight tickets, but under some terms and conditions, you can learn about it by reading the Cebu pacific cancellation policy. If you want to know about the cancellation charges and the process, don't skip this page here; you will find all the information about canceling a Cebu Pacific airlines flight ticket. You can cancel the flight ticket through the airline's website, application, phone call, live chat, and by visiting the airport. You can choose anyone according to your convenience.

Cancelation policy of Cebu Pacific Airlines

  • The Cebu airlines would not charge cancellation fees if the ticket were called off in the risk-free period.

  • Cebu will charge some cancellation fees when the ticket is canceled after twenty-four hours; these fees depend on the destination, departure, and type of the flight.

  • When flight will cancel by Cebu Pacific airline, the passenger can claim a refund of the full amount and some money as compensation.

  • When airlines cancel your flight because of any natural calamity, you will only receive a full refund.

  • Due to serious illness, a passenger cancels the flight, and the airlines will provide you with a full refund.

  • If you cancel the flight ticket because of any problem on the first flight, you will also get a refund from the airline.

  • You cannot cancel a flight ticket after the departure of the flight.

  • When a refundable ticket is canceled, then you can claim the refund for the full amount from the airlines.

  • A passenger cannot avail of the refund of the used part of the ticket, and they will get a refund for only the unused part.

  • The airline is not responsible for refunding the ticket booked through any travel agency.

  • You should cancel a refundable ticket 2 hours before the flight's departure time.

  • Please fill out the form with j twenty-four hours to claim a refund from the airlines.

How to cancel a Cebu Pacific reservation

Airlines allow their passenger to call off the reservation at any time through different mediums; if you want to know about it, then read the steps given below:

Canceling a Cebu flight through the airline's website

It is very simple to cancel a flight ticket through the website. All you have to do is open the official website of the airlines on your mobile phone and then follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the Cebu "my bookings" option and enter the booking ID number and passenger's last name.

  • After that, enter the registered email id, and you will receive an OTP from the airlines.

  • Enter the OTP and then open your flight ticket; after that, check if you can cancel the ticket or not.

  • If yes, then click on the cancel option and cancel then cancel the reservation.

Canceling the Cebu flight via phone call service:

To cancel the flight ticket by talking to someone from the airline through a phone call, you have to

  • Open the Cebu airline's website and select the language from the top of the page.

  • After that, click on the "help" icon beside the language selection option

  • A new webpage will load on the screen; click on the call us the option

  • And dial the given number, follow the IVR instructions and talk to a live agent from the airline.

When your call gets connected to a porter, share your flight details and ask the porter to call off your booking.

Canceling the flight ticket through the application of the Cebu airlines:

To call off your reservation yourself by using the application of the airlines, the first thing you have to do is download the application of the airlines and log in to the account through which you made the reservation. Click on the cancel button after the go-to "my bookings" and select the ticket you want to cancel. Lastly, fill out the refund request form.

Canceling the Cebu flight ticket by visiting the airport:

you can physically go to the airport and cancel the Cebu flight ticket. Reach the booking window of the airlines and then share your flight ticket details to the air cap present over there and tell them to cancel the reservation. Once your reservation is canceled, you can choose between refunding money to the initial payment account or a travel voucher.

Cancelation charges of the Cebu Airlines

Here is the list of cancellation charges of cebu airline for different airports or countries. Find your location from the list and know your charges.

City Cancellation Cost
Cebu pacific

Domestic airports:PHP 1200

international: PHP 2750


BND 95


USD 75


CNY 470


HKD 550


USD 75
JAPAN JPY 10,000


MOP 580


MYR 230


SGD 95


TWD 2,000


THB 23,00


USD 75


KRW 55,000

How long does the Cebu airline take to process the refund?

The Cebu Pacific airline takes up to seven to ten business days to give back if you paid through credit or debit card when booking the ticket. And if you made the payment through cash or cheque, airlines will take approximately fourteen to twenty working days to refund the money. If you want to rebook the tickets, you can opt for a refund in a travel voucher. Once you get the money as a voucher, you cannot use it as real money.

How to get money from the airlines in a travel voucher?

Suppose you want To get the refund canceled reservation instantly. In that case, it is very important to choose a refund in a travel voucher instead of the original payment method when filling out the refund request form. The voucher comes with an expiration date of one year, which means your voucher is valid from the day you received it to the same date next year.

How to check the refund status?

You can check the refund status through the "my bookings" option in the airline's application, or you can check the mail sent by the airlines on your registered mail id. in fact, you can contact the customer support of the airlines for it.


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