How do I cancel Volaris Flight Ticket?

Sometimes you book your ticket in advance and have planned a perfect weekend but have to work extra hours as something important or an urgent meeting comes up. In that case, you always look for an alternative way to get your money back from the airlines. But you don't have to stress over it too much if you have booked your flight ticket with Volaris. Volaris has a cancellation policy for the passengers. They have mentioned the rules that provide the exemption of paying the cancellation charges and getting a complete refund of your flight ticket. The process and policy related to the cancellation policy of Volaris are mentioned as follows.

Overview on Volaris Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • As per the 24-hour cancellation policy of the airlines, if the passenger makes the cancellation of their flight ticket within 24 hours of their scheduled flight booking, in that case, they will be liable to make the cancellation without paying any charges, and the total amount of ticket will get refunded to them. However, the booking was required to be made at least seven days before the scheduled departure.

  • If the cancellation were made after the 24 hours grace period. In that case, the passengers have to pay the charges for their ticket cancellation. In the case of refundable tickets, they will get a refund of their ticket amount after deducting cancellation charges.

  • If the passengers make the cancellation of their non-refundable flight ticket after a 24 hours grace period, in that case, they will get the amount of the ticket as a travel credit for future booking after the deduction for cancellation charges.

  • If the cancellation was made because of the medical condition of the passenger, in that case, the cancellation will not be subject to charges. Still, the passenger is required to provide the necessary documents at the time of making the cancellation supporting the reason behind the cancellation of their flight tickets.

  • If there is a significant delay of three hours in your scheduled flight departure and you opt for the cancellation, in that case, you'll be liable to get a complete refund of your flight tickets.

  • If the cancellation was made by the airlines, then as well you'll get a complete refund of your flight ticket. The passengers can rebook their flight tickets before the initiation of the refund for free.

  • The refund will take 5-7 business days to get credited into your given bank account.

Cancel Volaris Flight Ticket by Official Method

  • Get onto the official website of Volaris Airlines, click on the 'My trip' option.

  • After getting onto the 'My trip' page, fill out the passenger's reservation code and last name in the given section.

  • After filling out the details, click on 'Go to My trips,' after which you'll get redirected to your flight page.

  • Select your flight and choose the option of cancellation. Follow the given instructions and mention the reason for your cancellation.

  • Once you are done with the details, follow the on-screen process to make the payment of the charges on cancellation, if applicable.

  • Once the process of cancellation is completed, the refund request form will appear on your screen.

  • You are required to fill out that form and initiate the process refund, mention all the necessary details, and mention your account details if the original payment was made in cash.

  • You can also proceed with the refund process by calling the customer care agent of the airline. 

  • If you forget or skip the process of initiating the refund, in that case, the airlines will issue the travel credit for a future booking.

Overview on Volaris Airlines Cancellation Fee

The charges on cancellation by Volaris airlines depend upon the time on which you make the cancellation of your flight ticket. If the cancellation were made 24 hours before the departure time, in that case, the cancellation charges would be between $100-$400. But if the cancellation was scheduled within 24 hours of the scheduled departure, in that case, the airlines will charge $100-$500 as cancellation charges. The charges on the cancellation also depend upon the flight class and fare type of the ticket.

People also Asked About

Does Volaris offer free cancellation?

Yes, Volaris Airline provides free cancellation to the passengers through which the people are not required to pay any cancellation fee. There are some instances when the Airline will not charge any penalty fee, so read the information below:

  1. People who cancel their Volaris flight within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket and their departure is more than seven days will get a full refund and will not be charged any cancellation fee.
  2. If a person needs to cancel their ticket due to a medical emergency, in this situation, the cancellation fee will not be charged to the passenger.
  3. If Volaris Airline cancels their flight itself for reasons like a national emergency, bad air quality, a strike by the airline staff, etc., then the Airline will not charge any penalty.

How do I call Volaris to cancel my flight?

People who want to cancel the Volaris airline cancellation for their reservation can directly connect with the customer support agent of Volair Airline at this phone number - +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747). When a person gets connected with the Airlines customer service agent, he has to provide his reservation details and inform the airline agent to cancel their flight to proceed with the cancellation procedure. After completing Volaris flight cancellation, a confirmation message will be sent to them.


You can also visit the customer care executive of the airline for any details regarding the refund and cancellation of your flight ticket.


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