How can I change my Air France Flight Date?

To enjoy the vacation, suppose you and your friends had made a plan to go to France and chose Air France as your airline partner. Suddenly you get notified about a meeting on the trip day, and you want to make a change in your reservation. If you ever encounter this kind of situation, you should know about the system to change air france flight. This article includes all the factors to help you out. Keep reading this article to learn more about the Air France flight change. 

What can things be changed in the Air France flight? 

You can make multiple changes to the Air France flight. It is known as rescheduling your flight. You should keep in mind that it is only possible to reschedule if seats are available on that day or at that time. In Rescheduling a flight, you can do the followings,

  • Changing Date: You can change the date of the Air France flight which was previously scheduled. 

  • Changing the time: Changing the time on the Air France flight on the same day as previously scheduled can also be altered. Suppose you plan the getaway for 8:00 am; you can change it to any time before or after that.

What are the flight change policies in Air France? 

In Air France, certain terms and conditions should be known to you before making any change in flight change. It will save you from future inconveniences. The policies are,

  • If you change the date or time in the Air France reservations within 24 hours of your reservation, it is free of cost. 

  • If you can not do that change your Air France flight within 24 hours, then it is no anymore free; you will have to pay a charge depending on the time you change.

  • The Air France flight change fee can be anywhere from $25 for a change. 

  • In case The flight is changed by Air France itself, they will either ask you to change your flight for free or give you a refund.

  • Giving your tickets to someone else during change is not advisable. It is against the rules of Air France. 

  • If you cancel the previous Air France booking and change it to a new one, then the no-show fee will not apply to you. 

What are the processes to change the Air France flight? 

There are multiple processes to change the Air France flight, the most common is via the manage booking, and the second is by calling Air France customer support. The methods are described in detail below. You can do the following to change an Air France flight. it takes a couple of minute to change the flight both in offline and online.

Change Air France booking via manage booking

You can easily modify* or change your trip with Air France online. Visit the My Booking to view your reservation and now click on change date and follow change date policy. You can also modify date by Air France app. You can also talk to customer service team over the phone 800-237-2747 and discuss about all changes issues.

To access 'manage booking, consider the following tips: 

  • Type on that link.

  • To change flight date click on “Manage Booking”.

  • Select your Booking which you want to change.

  • Now choose your prefered date of traveling.

  • Now click on Save for New Booking for Air France.

How much does it cost to change Air France Flight?

The cost to change the Air France flight is variable depending upon the booking price, or it can also depend upon the distance. The cost to change the flight follows as follows:

  • It costs $20 - $35 for a one-time change. 

  • The rate may vary upon the time or updated rate chart.

How many times can I change Air France flights Date?

You can change the Air France as many times as you want. Just keep an eye on the flight change policy. It will charge you the amounts depending on the number of flights. You have to look for available seats on that date. 



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