How do I change my date of birth on Delta airlines?if Wrong in Ticket

Delta Airlines is one of the significant flag carrier companies that takes you to different places with complete comfort and ample services such as baggage, lost and found, flight status, etc. If you have made the booking but your identification details are slightly different, such as date of birth, then that can be changed with the help of a team. The team is always ready to help you in difficult situations. So here's how you can change your birthdate.

Methods to change DOB in Delta Flight

You can use the above-written method when you cannot log in through the account, but if you can access your account, then you can go through the mentioned method.

Change DOB of Delta Flight-

  • You can go through the Delta official page. 
  • After that, log in through your account, and the panel will open. 
  • You can select your account section in the panel and go to the personal details. 
  • Then, you must select the date of birth section and click the change or edit button.  
  • Finally, you can change the date of birth and confirm it by attaching the identification document. Then, you will get the confirmation code message in your registered details.  

Change date of birth on Delta by sending mail to Customer Service Team

You can send your mail to Delta to change your date of birth, but for that, you need to include a copy of a PDF file of your identification documents that includes your date of birth, such as your license, passport, etc. After getting your mail, the team will verify it and provide a well-needed solution. The mail is a convenient way to rectify the mistakes with the Delta customer service team because you can explain your issue entirely.

Change date of birth on Delta using the verification form

You can change the date of birth on Delta through the verification form, an online form available on the site. You can get access to this online form, fill it out with the necessary details, and then submit it to the airline team. The team will verify your identity and process your request, and then you will get the changes in your date of birth. Please match the details to your identification certificate so that you will not face any inconvenience in the Future.

  • Search for the official page of Delta. 
  • After that, select the need help tab. 
  • Now, choose the identity verification form on the panel. 
  • The form will open with the mandatory fields; fill the fields with relevant details, then click the submit button. 

You must connect with the Delta customer service team via helpline 1800 123 6645. After that, you must provide proof of identification to the respective executive. The executive will verify your identity and then change the date of brith you provided. The proof of documents must be valid and complete. Only then can you correct your date of birth without making further errors.

  1. Open the official site of the Delta. 
  2. After that, click on the need help tab. 
  3. Now, choose the phone option, and the panel will show you the number. 
  4. Dial the toll-free number 1800 123 6645  and connect with the IVR instructions; you can speak and clear your doubts about date change. 

Change Date of Birth on the Delta using App

While using the application of Delta Airlines, you can multiple things such as flight reservations, modifications in bookings, apply for refunds, etc, but to use that application, you have to make the registration all your genuine data. At the time of making the registration at Delta Airlines application, there are several pieces of information that a customer has to provide, and DOB is one of them.

While filling out the DOB, sometimes the customer makes a mistake, but it can be rectified using the online or offline option. To change the Date of birth, the customer has to provide all the official documents, and in case they do not have information about it, then they can go through below. 

The process to change the Date of birth on the Delta application is below.

There are plenty of options available to change the Date of birth, but the most convenient option is using their official website as you will not need to connect with any representatives following any long process. In case you are unaware of the process of changing the Date of birth, then you need to follow the below points. 

  • Open the official application of Delta.

  • Now, find out the option of my profile.

  • Under the section of name, choose the edit option.

  • Following that, provide all information about the correct name and, if needed, then join the documents with that name

  • Furthermore, you must save that name, and you will get the email of successfully changing the name. 

What is Delta's date of birth change policy?

According to Delta's date of birth change policy, you can make changes to your details within 24 hours of booking. If you made the changes after 24 hours, you need to pay the extra charges.
If you have booked the flight through a third party or travel agency, you can change the Delta birth date via that particular travel agency rather than applying on the airline's official site. So make sure you have handed over the proper document copies to prevent further mistakes. 

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