How do i change name on Jetblue Flight Ticket?, if mistakenly fill

Grasp firm knowledge to change the name on JetBlue.

Often, customers are not entirely aware while making the reservation, or when they make the flight reservation in a hurry, they mistakenly fill out incorrect credentials, which makes it difficult for them while making the check-in or at the airport security check. The most common mistake that customer makes is their name, like skipping the middle name, forgetting to add a surname, etc, so to overcome that issue, JetBlue Airlines gives these customers the option of a name change. Using the name change option, customers remove their incorrect name and instead of that, fill in that name, which is provided on their document. Most of the customer wants to know complete details about the name change process, terms & conditions of name, etc., on JetBlue airlines; then these customers have to go through the information below. 

What are the name change policies on JetBlue Airlines?

JetBlue Airlines will not accept every name change request as customers have to follow all the policies of name change given to the airlines; in those policies, the airlines mention the situation in which customers want to change their name. In case any customers do not have information about these policies, then they must use the below points.

  • At the time of changing the name on Jetblue, the customer must provide their legal documents with the correct name, and all these documents are also required at the airport while check-in.

  • JetBlue Airlines does not allow such name changes in which customers can transfer the ticket to another person.

  • Customers are only allowed to make changes to the three letters of the name or other minor changes, but if they want to change more letters, then they need to communicate with the airline executives of Jetblue. 

  • While changing the name, customers are not allowed to change their date of birth, gender, etc. 

  • Every customer is allowed in Jetblue to add a first name, middle name, last name, and inverted name without paying charges.

  • The name change request made by the customer within 24 hours of the bookings is nonchargeable, but after closing that free modification period, they will need to pay the charges. 

  • In case there are any customer who wants to travel with two different names and have passports with those names, then they need to purchase additional tickets with each name.

  • After making the flight bookings, if the customer gets married or divorced due to which they want to make changes in the name then they need to show genuine documents, and they will not need to pay any name change cost. 

  • If the customer purchases the insurance of the ticket while purchasing it, then they will not need to pay any name change cost.

How do I change the name on my JetBlue Airlines flight ticket?

JetBlue Airlines knows that whenever a customer gets information regarding an incorrect name, they want to change it immediately. To make that easy, JetBlue Airlines gives different modes using which they can change the name on the flight ticket. But from all the active modes, the hassle-free and most accessible mode of making the name reverse is by using the JetBlue Airlines official website. Using this online option will help the customers skip the long call wait issue, and they do not need to visit any counter. The online option on JetBlue Airlines is available for 24 hours, and if they want to know about the complete process, then they need to use the below points. 

  • Find out the official website of JetBlue airlines

  • Now look for the manage booking section 

  • Following that, you need to provide the last name with the PNR number

  • Further, you must choose the name change tap and give the correct name 

  • Now you have to attach the documents with the correct name and save the changes 

  • Then, if there are any charges available, pay them using your card 

  • Lastly, the airlines will provide you an email of successfully changing the name

What is the name change cost on JetBlue Airlines?

At the time of changing the name, there are specific costs that a customer has to pay. The price will vary as per the number of letters, reason for modification, etc, but still, if you do not come under the free name changes policies, then you have to pay the cost, which is between 80  USD to 200 USD. 

What are the documents required to change the name on a JetBlue airline ticket?

JetBlue Airlines, when accepting certain documents, you make the name change request, and if you do not know them, then go through them below. 

  • State-issued driving license

  • Valid passport and visa

  • State-issued ID card in which a photo is available

  • Birth certificate for lap and infants

  • Immunization records for children 

With the help of the above details, you will know about the details to change name on JetBlue Airlines and still in case if you want to know more information about JetBlue's name change, then you can directly approach their executives or their official website. 


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