How do i change my Southwest Flight Date without Fare Difference?

Are you struggling with new plans and confused about changing your flights? Do not worry. Southwest Airlines is one of the top airlines known for flexible and feasible policies and services. Talking about its flight change policies, the airline understands your concern and allows you to make the changes in booking anytime

If you don't know how to change Southwest Flight? There are several ways. Depending on the booking source, you can make the changes online, offline, and via a third party. However, you don't need to stress it as the information below will update you about everything. So let's start with how to make changes and the several ways.

Several ways to change southwest airlines' flight

Here are all the options you can use to change your Southwest airlines. You can select any of these as per your choice and requirement.

Change Southwest Flight through the website

To change Southwest airlines flight date, go to manage my booking and choose your booking.Now click on change trip and select new date. You can call at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA® for all changes realted problems with agents easily.

Besides, follow the procedure below for a detailed guide to change Southwest Flight.

  • Go to the official website of Southwest Airlines.

  • Highlight the change/cancel button and then click on the change button.

  • Enter the confirmation number and last name, and click on search.

  • You need to select the booking you wish to change.

  • Select the new booking details and save the changes.

  • Complete the payment; if any fare difference and change fee applies.

  • You can review the new booking details on the new page and confirm it.

  • Once the changes are approved, you get a confirmation email from Southwest.

If you don't find the online procedure feasible, you can also speak to the Southwest Airlines customer support team to make changes to your ticket. You can check out further information below to change your flight over the phone.

Change Southwest Flight by calling customer service

If you book the flight from Southwest Airlines directly, you can call its customer service to change your booking. However, you might need to pay additional service charges in that case. The procedure is simple, but if you don't know how I can call southwest to change my flight, follow the steps below.

  • Dial the Southwest Airlines change booking number 1 (800) 435-9792 on your mobile 

  • You can press 1 or 2 to get service in the desired language

  • Now follow the self-exploratory instruction that IVR provides 

  • Press 2 to change your existing booking 

  • Say talk to a representative to connect with the live person 

  • Now, wait on the phone call by the time the southwest agent joins you

  • Once connected, you can share your change flight request 

  • Follow the instruction of the Southwest agent to complete your flight change process 

You can easily change your flight over the phone by going through the information above. However, if you wish to avoid the additional charges, you can also visit the airport to change your Southwest Airlines flight ticket.

Change Southwest Flight at Airport

It's a traditional way to make any changes to your booking. You can use this option in case you are not comfortable online or making changes on call. To change flights, go to the airport and meet in person at the Southwest Airlines ticket counter. You can request the agent that you wish to make changes. Provide the document they ask for, and you can complete the modification.

Change Southwest Flight via Travel Agents

If you purchase a ticket from a third party or travel agency, you can change the booking by calling your travel agent directly.

The above options help you to change the booking in case your original plan changes. Southwest Airlines allows changes free of cost; however, in some cases, you might need to pay a certain fee. Here you can get through Southwest Airlines Change flight terms and conditions below to get detailed information and avoid the hassle.

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Policy

If you hold the ticket 'Wanna Get Away,' it has a stricter rule than fares Anytime and Business select. However, the same change policy applies on Southwest, according to which you can change your flight free of cost up to 10 minutes before departure. Your ticket value is converted into travel funds you need to use within one year from departure; no change fee is charged.

  1. If you book the ticket using rapid reward points, you can change it using points only.
  2. Per the policy, you can change your departure fare, flight time, and destination; it is also subject to availability.
  3. In case of medical urgency, illness, or flight schedule changes for technical reasons, you don't need to pay any penalty for modifying your flight. Only fare difference is applied.
  4. If you need to change the name completely, you must cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking and make a new reservation. Besides, you can make corrections to your name anytime.
  5. If you want to change flights after check-in, you must do it at least 40 minutes before departure.
  6. You get a notification from the airline in advance whenever there is a schedule change. In that case, you need to call the airline directly to explore available flight options.
  7. You can use the Southwest travel funds from your cancelled flight to book a new flight; however, only the ticket holder can use it.

Southwest airlines change flight fees

No charges are generally applied to change Southwest Flight?; however, you might need to pay a fare difference if the new ticket is more expensive than the original one. Besides many factors involved in changing the flight, speak to Southwest airlines directly to get the exact change fee information in your case.

Similar Questions & Answers

Q1- can I call southwest to change my flight

Yes, you can call Southwest airlines directly to change your flight. Besides, you can do this for the ticket you booked directly from Southwest Airlines' website, via the contact center, at the airport. For any third-party booking or travel agencies, you need to call the agent directly for any modification in your ticket.

q2-How can I call southwest to change my flight?

To change your flight over the phone call, follow the steps below.

  • Dial the Southwest Airlines reservation phone number 1 (800) 435-9792

  • You can first choose the language and then follow IVR 

  • Select the live agent option and speak to the Southwest team

  • Ask the southwest airlines agent, if you wish to change the flight 

  • The agent will ask for the booking information and provide you with available options 

  • You can make the changes as per availability and then confirm the booking

Q3- How late can I change my Southwest Flight?

Southwest airlines allow you to change the flight up to 10 minutes before the scheduled departure. Moreover, you can also change the southwest flight up to 10 minutes through their customer service team. They will help you to change Southwest flight for your destination. You can see the different contact ways on their help section and talk to the live person. You can provide your preferred dates and get the new flight ticket. 


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