Southwest Check in: How do I check in 24 hours on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines has a very unique and easy boarding process. When people who book their tickets with Southwest Airlines check-in for their scheduled flights then, they will know when they will need to board and their assigned seats. Sometimes when a person is newly becoming a passenger flying with Southwest Airlines, the online check-in for Southwest Airlines may be hectic and stressful since they are traveling with their kids.

In this situation, you can read this blog to learn about Southwest Airlines check in policy to travel with Southwest Airlines comfortably.

How does the check-in service work on Southwest Airlines?

Since Southwest Airlines doesn’t assign seats to passengers, people can select their own and will board their flight as per the “Zone,” which are A, B, and C, divided into groups of 1 to 30 and 31 to 60. The Zone of the flight ticket is assigned to various factors to the passengers like the time of flight check-in, type of ticket, early bird check-in service, elite status, child age six or younger, and more.

When can people check-in for their Southwest Airlines flight?

Passengers can make online and offline check-in 24 hours before their scheduled flight departure time, and they will receive their seats in the sequence of their check-in. The minimum time to check-in for their flight is 60 minutes, wherein sometimes, when a passenger checks in for their flight at the last moment, they might get a seat next to random strangers instead of their friends and family members.

Guidelines for Southwest Airlines flight check-in:

  • Ticket type: People purchasing the Business fare on Southwest Airlines will get the boarding zone in the A 1 to 15, wherein their seats will improve since they can board first.

  • Purchasing early bird check-in service: If a person wants to purchase the “early bird check-in” service will get automatically checked within 36 hours before their flight departure. This “Early bird check-in” service will cost the passengers from $15 to $25, but this service will not guarantee the passengers A boarding zone since it depends on your check-in with Southwest Airlines. This service allows you to get a seat in a certain area, like near the bathroom or near friends and family.

  • Elite Status: People who are regular flyers of Southwest Airlines can earn Southwest points by which they can hold the Elite Status. People with Elite status can also get the same service as Early bird check-in, wherein they will check in 36 hours before departure and put you ahead of other travelers.

  • Traveling with kids: Families traveling with children under the age of six years or younger can board the flight between A and B zones, and the whole family can board the flight with children.

Tips to get the best boarding zone for Southwest Airline flight:

  • Set Alarm: People are advised to check their boarding zone time for the outgoing and return flights and set the Alarm accordingly on their phones. People who don't purchase the early bird service or business fare are kids under six, so they must check in 24 hours before the flight.

  • Ready multiple devices: People traveling with Southwest Airlines with their friends or families by using the airline points or companion pass need to check in for the flight separately for each person, which means that check-in through multiple devices in case they want to board a flight together. You can follow the below instructions to check in online for your flight:

    • You can visit the airline website or download the Southwest Airlines mobile application.

    • One passenger will need one device for flight check-in.

    • Go to the check-in page and enter your itinerary.

    • Then complete the check-in option.

    • To avoid the slow check-in process, ensure you have a good connection.

  • Move fastly: Passengers can check in 24 hours before on the website and then receive their boarding pass by email, text, and print as per the passenger’s choice and can quickly make a seat selection to complete check-in to get the best boarding Zone.

  • Earlybird check-in: People purchasing the EarlyBird service will get the boarding position per their purchase time. Passengers having southwest rapid rewards performance business credit cards with four upgraded points will get seats between A 1 and A 15.

  • Seat selection: The front and aisle seats are generally included in the first seats. Since no one wants to get the middle seat so, in case you need that seat for your traveling companion, then you can easily get that seat.

  • Business fare: The business fare will not guarantee the passenger for seats in the front row.

  • Credit card: By getting Southwest credit cards, people can upgrade their traveling experience and get priority boarding. When a passenger achieves the Southwest Airline companion pass, they will also receive free alcohol, free high-speed inflight internet, and more.

If a person wants to get the best seat on a Southwest Airlines flight, they need to plan since the airline doesn't assign seats. The main conclusion of this blog is that people who board their flight soon will get the seats on the aircraft as per their choice and also get a good boarding position in the situation of flight boarding 24 hours from flight departure time.

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