How do I get a upgrades on Qantas Airlines?-All about Upgrade Rules

Willing to transform your travel experience with your Qantas flight? If yes then you can upgrade your cabin to the upper one and get the premium flying experience that you never forget. In this full information page, you will be going to learn everything necessary for a Qantas Upgrade that is required of every customer. So, let’s discuss how you can get an upgrade on Qantas.

Ways to get an upgrade on Qantas.

Some ways will help you to get an upgrade. Qantas offers their flight upgrade in the below categories.

  • Classic Upgrade. 

  • Bid Now Upgrades.

  • Domestic On Departure Upgrade.

Any of the following upgrades can be made by using Qantas Points, Cash, or an appropriate combination of cash and Qantas Points. Depending upon your suitable category, you can find and choose which Upgrade is ideal for you or not. Let’s discuss more about these upgrade features.

Classic Upgrade of Qantas.

Use your Qantas point to get the classic Upgrade and add a little luxury to your flight. They are best for value and will be processed earlier than others before the flight.

How to make a Classic Upgrade on Qantas?

To request a classic upgrade, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Log into your Qantas account or go to the manage my booking page on

  • Select the Upgrade option or request an upgrade in the Qantas Mobile App.

  • Your upgrade request can be made up to 5 hours earlier for Domestic and 10 hours earlier on International flights. 

  • After requesting, you will get notified through email and can be checked by visiting or in a mobile app.

Bid Now Upgrade.

This allows you to get your Upgrade at your desired price. Bid Now Upgrade is only available for selected flights; if it is available for you, then you can set your bid that you are happy to pay in cash, Qantas points, or a mix. You are also allowed to boost your bid by modifying it or canceling it when your mood changes.

Check Eligibility:

  • After the flight reservation, kindly visit the Bid Now Upgrade by browsing.

  • Check your eligibility by entering your travel details on that page.

How to Make a Bid Now Upgrade of Qantas?

To request a bid now Upgrade on Qantas, look at the below steps.

  • Within seven days, you will get notified by email. Kindly use it and enter your booking details to choose your flight.

  • Click to place a Bid Now Request.

  • Enter the suitable amount you desire using cash, Qantas Points, or a mix of both.

  • Complete your payment process and finish it.

  • After successful, you will be again notified within 24 hours of your flight.

  • If your offer is accepted, the amount will be deducted, and you can enjoy your Upgrade.

Domestic On Departure Upgrade of Qantas .

This Upgrade allows you to upgrade at the time of check-in. If you are a Platinum ONE, Platinum, Gold, Qantas Club, or Points Club Plus member, then you can enjoy a last-minute exclusive flight upgrade. You will be getting loyalty benefits, having the option for Upgrade after check-in, and with great value using Qantas Points.

How to make a Domestic On Departure Upgrade on Qantas?

To request a domestic on-departure upgrade, here are the steps.

  • Login to your account, and then select your booking.

  • Complete your check-in process.

  • After that, you will see the option to request an upgrade if available, and if successful, then your Upgrade will be confirmed on the spot.


Finally, it may be concluded that you have learned about how you can upgrade your flight on Qantas. Hopefully, you have understood their rules and guidelines properly. To learn more about Qantas flight ticket upgrades or other services, kindly reach out to their customer service department.


Can you ask for an upgrade at check in Qantas?

Yes, passengers who have purchased a valid flight ticket and are elite members can ask for an upgrade at the time of check-in from the airport counter. After reaching the airport, you can request an On Departure Upgrade Reward and get a last-minute upgrade on a flight using your Qantas points.

How much do you bid for a Qantas upgrade?

Well, there is no such amount specified for an upgrade. You can check whether you are eligible for a bid upgrade, and if you’re eligible, then within seven days of your scheduled departure, you’ll receive an email notification to request a bid upgrade. Afterward, you make your bid, although there you’ll find the minimum required amount to place your bid up to the amount of your choice that you can make as high as possible.

How much does it cost to upgrade from economy to premium economy on Qantas?

In case you’re upgrading your Qantas flight from economy to premium economy then you may be entitled to pay a specific cost. The cost to upgrade may vary based on several factors, so it is recommended to confirm the actual payable fee at the time of making the Upgrade. 


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