How do i get Refund from Latam Airlines?

What is LATAM's refund policy?

LATAM Airlines is the multinational Airline and is also known to be the largest Airline, which has positive customer feedback, as it looks after its passengers very precisely and provides them with the best service; after reserving your flight seat, if you are planning to cancel your scheduled flight, and wonder about the refund, then the Airline will prove you with the refund after the cancellation, to know more about the procedure, get updated with LATAM refund policy situated below.

The process to request a Refund from Latam.

The LATAM Airline provides you with online and offline modes through which you can request the live human of the Airline to provide you with a refund for your canceled flight. To know about their methods, focus on the below information.

  • Online method.

  • Offline method.

Online mode to get refund from Latam

Request for a refund through a website.

You can request the Latam Airline to provide you with the refund by filling out the refund request form, which is available on the website of the Airline, and there you can step ahead with the further procedure by following up with the steps that are given below, proceed with the mode by following it step by steps.

  1. Head towards the official website of LATAM Airline.

  2. On the home page, enter your last name and flight number.

  3. Look for the refund form option, and tap on it.

  4. Enter the requested details of your canceled flight.

  5. Type down all the other necessary details, as asked.

  6. Then tap on the "submit" button after completing the form.

  7. The Airline will provide you with a refund within a few days.

Offline mode to get refund from Latam

Make a call to LATAM customer support.

You can also request the Latam representative directly to provide you with the refund by speaking to him through a phone call by dialing the helpline number 1 (866) 435-9526; this is an offline mode where you will get assistance from the agent directly, follow up with the steps that are mentioned below.

  1. Dial the LATAM Airline customer support number on the keypad.

  2. Pick the language to get assistance.

  3. From the given IVR, press the button for a refund.

  4. Wait for the agent to connect with you on the line.

  5. Give your flight information to the agent available on the call.

  6. Also, give him an explanation for the flight cancellation.

  7. The agent will provide you with assistance for your refund.

Every Airline has its own terms and conditions; likewise, to know the LATAM Airline refund policy read the points thoroughly that are mentioned below.

  1. LATAM Airline grants you a full refund for your canceled flight when you cancel your flight within 24 hours of your flight booking.

  2. If you cancel your LATAM flight ticket after the prescribed period, then the Airline will refund your flight after deducting your cancellation fee.

  3. When the cancellation is made, then the remaining amount left after the cancellation fee deduction will be credited to your account within 20 days.

  4. And when the payment has been made through the credit card. Then the amount will be credited within 7 business days.

  5. When your flight is canceled through the Airline, you are eligible to get a full refund.

If you have claimed a refund, you must provide all the documents with the correct information to the Airline.

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