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How do I redeem a Southwest Airlines Voucher

All about Southwest airlines voucher

One of the best things we all love about southwest Airlines is the cancellation option provided by the airline and putting the unused vouchers and funds towards future travels. If you have made use of this advantage and have future travel plans and it’s time to cash in.

You can easily use a Southwest airlines voucher to fly free of cost on your upcoming vacation. Not sure how important to use your southwest travel vouchers or even how you can check what funds are available to you? We are here to assist you throughout the redemption process.

What are the southwest travel funds?

Southwest travel vouchers are basically credited towards future flights. They are not the something as miles you earn from one of the airline’s co-branded chase credit card vouchers. Customers deserve these funds when they are canceling a southwest airline for any reason up to ten minutes prior to the flight being scheduled to take off.

The customers can also credit vouchers towards future flights from: 

  • southwest airlines gifts cards you have been given

  • Southwest LUV vouchers you are getting for inconveniences on past flights. 

These can be used similarly to Southwest airlines vouchers, but various rules and regulations may apply.

The customers can redeem the vouchers by visiting the southwest website of the airline, by contact number through the mobile applications. The customers can also use the southwest travel funds to cover any taxes. And since Southwest Airlines does not charge the cancellation fees, the total charges of the canceled flight can be put forwards to your next flight tickets.

If you have canceled the flight ticket before sometimes back, it is essential to know that you will have only one year from the date you have booked to use your vouchers towards your future flight tickets. You will need to complete your trip by the expiration date, so flight booking something for the future of the day before your funds won’t work. Furthermore, making a flight reservation won’t extend the expiration dates of the vouchers.

How to use Southwest Travel vouchers

To check how much cash you can spend on your future trip, you can narrow your refund vouchers on the southwest airlines site, igf you can receive the coupons, you can log in to your rapid Rewards accounts and then click on the view travel refunds to check the available balance you have. When you are ready to use the cash, you will have to manually enter the travel vouchers information when you book your new flight. 

If the passenger receives a travel refund, process the difference, visit the southwest airline and go to the check travel vouchers to look up to four confirmation numbers at a time.

It is basic to keep an eye on your flight booking number if you plan to use it in the future, sincere the information would not be accessible from your rapid rewards accounts. If you do not have your flight confirmation number, try doing an email search for your southwest flight confirmation number.

To redeem your southwest vouchers for the flight online:

If you are thinking to redeem a Southwest voucher? You can follow beneath options:

  1. You can select the flight and start the checkout process

  2. Under the payment option, you can choose the southwest gift vouchers, travel funds, or LUV vouchers. 

  3. Then the required details or canceled flight number, then you can easily redeem your vouchers.

The passenger can also call the Southwest airline or visit a ticket counter for understanding more about how do I redeem a Southwest Airlines Voucher or redeem their unused Southwest airlines voucher. 


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