How do i Speak to someone at Fiji Airways Customer Service?

Fiji Airways are one of the best and the most prominent airlines across the globe. The services of Fiji airways are loved and supported by its passengers as the airline only believes in working on its motive of providing a comfortable, secure, and safe ride to its passengers. Fiji Airways is always a tap away from its travelers.

If you are wondering to book a flight with an airline that provides you extraordinary services and benefits then it is Fiji airways for you, now if you are wondering about how to get your hand on the Fiji airways customer service and communicate with them then you should refer to here till the end and know your methods of consulting with Fiji Airways.

What are the classes on Fiji airways?

There are different classes available to a passenger when you book a flight with Fiji Airways. Read about them below and decide which class suits you the best.

Business Class

The passengers who have booked a business class are given an increased baggage allowance, express airport lanes, and lounge facilities. They are also given the service of wider and comfortable seating with generous legroom. 

The business class passengers also have a wide range of in-flight. entertainment.

Economy Class

The passengers on the Economy flight are offered to carry the carry bag up to 7 kg, and checked-in bag up to 30 kg. The inflight meals and drinks and along with the inflight entertainment.

Why should you choose Fiji airways live person

If you are wondering why should you talk to a real and live person at Fiji airways, what benefits does it provides you. Then you should know that when you communicate with the live person then they answer all of the questions in an explained and detailed manner. The live person is available for 24 hours and seven weeks, all throughout so you can contact them at any time of the day.

On top of that, the customer care services are rated high by Fiji airways. They provide you with immediate help and solve all of your queries. In fact, talking to a live person can help you in a lot of ways, you can ask them to refund your canceled ticket, request a rebook a missed flight, or modify any other detail in your flight. All of it can be easily done by talking to a live person at Fiji airways.

Methods of communicating with Fiji Airways

Contact Fiji Airways via Call

Calling on the Fiji airways phone number is one of the best communication methods as it provides you with an in-depth and explained answer to all your queries. Calling is always a worth it method as you get the answer in the best way possible.

  • The primary step is to dial the official toll-free number of Fiji airways on your handset, which is 011 679 672 0777

  • At the primary level, you will connect with the IVR and it will ask you to choose the language for the further procedure.. 

  • Press on the number associated with your preferred language. 

  • Later, the IVR will ask you to select your request in order to get in touch with the live assistant. 

  • Click on the number associated with your calling request on your handset's dialer. 

  • Then, you will have to wait for a few seconds for the IVR to process your call request and connect you to the executive available at the desk. 

  • As soon as you have their access then you can share your concern with them and get the answers you are looking for. 

To talk to live person at Fiji airways, you can dial customer service phone number 011 679 672 0777,+679 330 4388 or 13 3454 -13 FIJI(Australia).After dial the number you should follow IVR instructions.To directly communicate with represntative press #5 and wait for some time untill availability of next agent. You can also email at

Get in touch with Fiji Airways Live Person using Phone:

  1. You can contact Fiji customer service by calling: +679 672 0888 or +679 330 4388
  2. You can contact Fiji customer service from Australia by calling: 13 3454 (13 FIJI)
  3. You can contact Fiji customer service from New Zealand by calling:0800 800 178
  4. You can contact Fiji customer service from USA and Canada by calling:1 800 227 4446
  5. You can contact Fiji customer service from Hong Kong by calling:+852 3192 7568
  6. You can contact Fiji customer service from Singapore by calling:800 852 3666
  7. You can contact Fiji customer service from Malaysia by calling:801 800 81 8186

Contact Fiji Airways via Live chat 

Live chat is one of the quickest and the most spontaneous communication method which one can opt for as Live chaat is literal a tap away from the passengers of Fiji Airways.  Follow the steps written below to know how to get access to the chat option of the airways.

  • The first level is to visit the official website of Fiji Airways.

  • Once you are on the homepage of the website then you will spot the contact option. 

  • Click on the contact option and this will direct you to the contact page of Fiji airways. 

  • You will find the live chat option on the contact page. 

  • Click on the option to initiate the conversation with the chatbot first and the human assistant later. 

  • Answer all of the questions asked by the chatbot of the Fiji airways as this will help you in connecting with the airlines the fastest. 

Contact Fiji Airways via across customer forms

Customer Forms are the best way to send your message to the customer service team of Fiji airways. Customer forms are generally used when you want to write a complaint, compliments, appreciation, or send your feedback to the airways.

It is very easy to gain access to customer forms. All you have to visit the contact page of Fiji airways and fill in the form in a descriptive manner so that the customer service assistant helps you out in the most possible way.

Contact Fiji Airways via Social media

Social media has got a wide population hooked on it. This is why Fiji airways have got its account on all of the major and leading social media platforms. The airlines generally launch all of the important offers and make the major announcements through their social media handles only.  

The steps to use it as a communication method don’t constitute anything but you have to drop your message in the message box and then wait for the customer service department to reply to the same. And, when it comes to Twitter, then simply tweet your concern and mention the Twitter handle of Fiji airways alongside.

The official social media of Fiji airways are as written below:

Facebook – 

Instagram – 

Twitter –

This is the end to the information on Fiji Airways and also the ways to get your hand on the customer services team of the airways. You can talk to them at any time of the day and get all of your issues resolved with them as they are available for 24 hours and seven days, all throughout the day. 


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