How do I get my Call back from Air Canada?

There is no doubt that connecting with an airline executive over a call is the best way to get help for your queries. However, when a majority prefers an option, it becomes harder to use it. Suppose you have recently visited any airline helpdesk online. In that case, you must have read the notification in bold letters that the airline is facing a surge in calls and their helpdesk are currently busy. They even request you drop a mail or use other facilities to solve your queries.

Air Canada is one of the largest flag carriers in the Canadian nation. So it's obvious that the influx of calls at the support desk will be large. But lucky for you, you can request call back from Air Canada quite easily. There are many methods you can utilize for this based on your comfort.

Steps to Request a callback Air Canada:

To get callback from Air Canada, you have option to call at the Air Canada help desk number 1 (888) 247-2262 or (802) 209-3377 (OTA).While using callback option you can easily discuss your reservation, baggage, changes or other problems with helpdek team.

Air Canada has different contact options on its website. You have the luxury of using any of those options to request for a callback. First, you would have to reach the help and support section of the website; from there on, you can select the method you wish to use. So first, check out how to reach the support section.

  • The first you notice when you load the URL is the homepage holding extensive links and blogs to aid your next trip. Use any browser to load this URL, and once you see the homepage, look at the top of the toolbar.

  • The 'Customer Support' tile is next to special offers. This will help you to request call back from Air Canada in a few easy steps.

  • Click this. Now the page will show you multiple contact options. These options are further elaborated below.

Options to Request a callback Air Canada

Through email and fax

Email is yet another beautiful tool to directly connect with representatives. Every department at Air Canada has a designated email id. To get a better response, use the department-specific email address. Here's how you do it.

  • Look at the 'Air Canada' box, and click the 'other numbers' link.

  • Select your country from the blue dropbox and click 'Go.'

  • Tap your required department; all the contact details will load along with email address and fax number.

When you load the support page at the bottom, you will notice a chat pop-up. To request call back from Air Canada, follow chat commands and request a callback. One by one, as you narrow down to your query topic, finally, the chatbox will give an option to request a callback. Select it, give your information and select a date and time to get the callback.

Through the App

The official mobile app is also a good source. 

  • Download the mobile app, and log in with your Air Canada associated details.

  • Now, look at the three dots at the bottom right; when you tap it, more options load.

  • The 'Message Us' box will allow you to write your message and request the call.

The airline will also ask you to request call back from Air Canada while the lines are busy and, in many cases, not to call if your flight is not due to depart in the next 48-72 hours. But the direct call is always the best option, so make use of other contact options to request this callback. The staff works 24 hours every day. Therefore you can ask them to call you back anytime that works for you. 


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