How do you become a member of Oneworld Frequent Flyer Programs?

Oneworld Airlines and its member airlines deliver special privileges and rewards to their frequent flyers. This makes your flying experience with them more comfortable and seamless. But what benefits you will be offered totally depends on what member status you have. So, here are the different statuses provided by the concerned airlines and their alliance airways.

OneWord Frequent Flyer Programs

The concerned airline itself does not host an individual frequent flyer program. It has 30 affiliate member airlines as OneWorld Alliance which are mostly regional airlines with strong commercial links with OneWorld's full members. You have first to accrue status through their respective partner airlines to get an equivalent OneWorld tier status. Following are the statuses that it offers: (i) Ruby (Entry Level Status), (ii) Sapphire (Mid Level Status), and (iii) Emerald (Top Status). As per these statuses, you are provided with several benefits. 

Benefits of OneWorld's Status

If you travel a lot through OneWorld or their partnered airlines, you will be provided with various benefits. Here are the following advantages that you can get according to your status level or an equivalent status level you have with their associated airlines.

(1) Benefits of Ruby Status:

  • You will be given a business class priority check-in which will reduce the time spent at the airport ticket counter.

  • Access to preferred or pre-reserved seating from 7 days before departure. This feature is allowed 24 hours before the departure for non-status tickets.

  • You will have priority on waitlists over other non-status flyers on reservation and standby lists.

(2) Benefits of Sapphire Status:

  • All the advantages mentioned above of Ruby's status are included in this.

  • This plan also allows you to pre-reserve a seat from the time of booking.

  • When traveling internationally, you are given access to over 650 airport lounges, including premium business class and frequent flyer lounges.

  • You will be provided with priority boarding, after the premium cabin passengers and pre-board travelers but before the general boarding.

  • You are allowed an extra weight of 15 kg in addition to the ticketed economy baggage allowance or 1 additional bag.

(3) Benefits of Emerald Status:

  • Access to all Ruby and Sapphire level benefits plus a few other advantages.

  • This status also provides the facility of premium first class with business and frequent flyer lounges.

  • You are allowed to carry 1 extra bag or extra weight of 20 kg, depending on the system they are following.

  • A fast track through the security will also be provided to you at selective aiports for selected carriers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What airlines are included in the OneWorld Alliance?

There are currently a lot of airlines partnered up with OneWorld, like

  1. American Airlines

  2. Alaska Airlines,

  3. Finnair

  4. British Airways

  5. Japan Airlines

  6. Malaysia Airlines

  7. Iberia

  8. Qantas, and many more

There are also various other affiliate airlines, subsidiaries to larger partner airlines.

Q2. How to join OneWorld Alliance?

You need to create a frequent flyer account on any of the partnered airlines and use that member number. Through this, you can earn points, benefits, and perks and make your flying with them better and more convenient.

Q3. What advantages and services do I get through OneWorld Alliance?

You get smooth transfers, round-the-world ticket routings and discounts, convenient access to airport lounges, more codeshare agreements and connecting flights, greater and uniform support to passengers, and a lot more. 

Q4. Which is the best frequent flyer program?

It depends on various factors like which airlines you travel the most with, what class you fly, which region you live in, etc. As a US traveler, it is better to choose Alaska or American Airlines. Likewise, your country is the factor that will influence your flying decision significantly.



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