How many winter Wonderlands are there in Worldwide?-9 Most Beautiful

Lazy winters have knocked on the door, and we have covered ourselves in the blanket. Smog, running nose, and grey skies not letting us out of our home. But there are always two sides to a coin. Let’s explore the other side of the winter: frozen lakes, snow, and English cottages.

So next time, instead of sitting inside a room and waiting for the winter to end, here are providing you with some of the best winter Wonderland to spend a vacation that will enhance your joy and change your thoughts about winter. 

List of Winter Wonderlands

  1. Switzerland
  2. Harbin
  3. Shirakawa-go
  4. Multnomah Falls
  5. Gdansk
  6. Apostle Islands
  7. Glacier Bay National Park
  8. Antarctica
  9. Kashmir


When we talk about the winter wonderland, the first name that comes to our mind is Switzerland. No matter when you are coming, during winter time, the land is most beautiful with frozen lakes, powdery skies, and excellent resorts, you have ever experienced.


Harbin is an artificial city in China made utterly of ice. This a major tourist attraction for people from around the world. Visit the place in January when the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculptures Festival comes into the picture and witness the power of architecture.


The 170 acres of land in central Japan of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama are UNESCO-protected villages. These are the most beautiful areas of Japan in the winter, tucked with mountains, and look like accurate snow globes.

Multnomah Falls

The Multnomah Falls, which stands at a height of 611 feet, flows through the scenic Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. The double waterfall is so unique that it occasionally freezes over during extremely cold weather, making it one of the most remarkable sights in the Pacific Northwest.


The destination is situated in Poland and is the top choice for people to spend their holiday, particularly when Christmas is around. Magical snow, flight simulator sleigh ride, advent windows, and speaking elk make your vacation special and more joyful.

Apostle Islands

During the winter, the lake turns into a frozen land, and the sandstone island of Wisconsin shows a magical transformation. The all the time running waterfall also freezes in time, which is something unimaginable, and the height of the caves rises due to snow over the top.

Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay National Park is considered the main attraction of the entire state. This is one of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet, with grizzly bears, mountain goats, moose, whales, wolverines, and countless pristine lakes.


Almost 99% of the Antarctic region is covered with ice, but still landscape in the area is stunning. Witness the surreal blue glaciers and untouched snow view of the 360-degree Drake Passage Waterways. The views become even more enchanting when a humpback whale or a penguin appears.


Talking about the winter wonderland, how can we forget Kashmir? The most beautiful place in the world. Visitors have referred to this place as heaven. There is a famous adage, “Kashmir is the heaven of the earth,” to describe its beauty. If you are planning for a winter vacation, there is no better place than Kashmir. 

The nine most beautiful winter wonderland that managed to find a place on our list. 


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