How much luggage allowed in Vietnam Airlines?

Luggage allowance on Vietnam Airlines

Luggage is one such crucial thing that is essential for survival, and it can make or break your trip. Sometimes you plan a lot of things and go overboard with your packing. Leading the luggage to be overweight, and eventually, you end up paying a heavy sum of money to the airline. That's Why people should be mindful before packing stuff.

Now, it is a known fact that if a person is flying, they will carry their belongings. The airlines have set some rules and regulations for carrying luggage. The baggage allowance is decided by the airlines, which may vary depending on the airline. The weight and size of Baggage are different for carry-ons and check-in. So, do check the baggage policy of the airline before leaving for the airport.

What is the baggage policy of Vietnam Airlines?

If you are traveling with Vietnam Airlines in the near future and want to know the luggage policy of the airline. Then, you should visit their official website for detailed insight about the items that are allowed and prohibited to be carried. However, if you want a summary of Vietnam Airlines baggage policy, continue with this blog. The baggage policy is subject to change at any point. So, it is advised to get and follow up with the latest information.

Here are some of the essential baggage policies of Vietnam Airlines:

Free Baggage

Vietnam Airlines provides free-of-cost Baggage, which you can take along on the flight.

  • Handbag/carry-on allowance: One handbag and one accessory are allowed for the economy class of Vietnam airline, not weighing more than 12 kg (26 lb.).

  • However, for Premium Economy and Business class, two handbags and one accessory are allowed, not weighing more than 18 kg (40 lb.).

Some extra free-of-charge items can also be carried in carry-on other than the items mentioned above. Check them on the website.

  • Check-in allowance: For the economy and premium economy class, each bag must not exceed 23 kg ( 50 lb.) of weight.

However, each bag must be at most 32 kg ( 70 lb.) for the business class.

For some flights, more than one free check-in baggage is allowed. So, do check your flight details and the allowance mentioned in your ticket.

Excess Baggage

If you have extra Baggage, you must buy excess Baggage by paying a certain amount to the airline. Passengers can buy up to 10 additional bags.

  • Passengers can buy prepaid Baggage online; it should be done at least 6 hours before the flight departure time.

  • If you think our Baggage might exceed the accepted limit, you can check it via the Baggage Fee calculator on the official website of Vietnam Airlines. It will show you the amount which you have to pay.

  • You can buy extra Baggage through the website of Vietnam Airlines. A confirmed ticket is required to start this process. Go to the website of Vietnam Airlines. Then, select Helpdesk. After that, choose Baggage and go to buy excess Baggage.

  • At the airport, during check-in, if the weight of your bag exceeds the accepted limit. You will have to pay for the extra weight.

Want to know the latest policy of the airline?

If you want to view the detailed information about the baggage policy of Vietnam Airlines, follow these steps and get through it:

  • Visit the official website of Vietnam Airlines using any trusted web browser.

  • Go to Helpdesk, find it at the top of the website.

  • Select Baggage.

  • Select the option which you want to go for.

Suppose you want to know the baggage policy for each passenger. Then, select it. It will give you all the details about the items you can carry, check-in baggage weight and size, carry-on baggage details, and others.


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