How do I cancel my Latam Flight Ticket?

If you want to cancel your flight ticket with LATAM Airlines due to an accident or other situations the you can cancel your reservation easily. There are multiple ways through which you can do the same. LATAM Airlines makes it more expedient for its passengers to cancel their reservations. You can also get help from the customer service representative for your concern. You also need to get through all the flight canceling policies of LATAM Airlines so that it will be easy for you to check whether you can cancel the booking and get a refund.

Ways to cancel LATAM Airlines’ flight ticket?

You can make use of the online procedure to cancel your LATAM flight. It is one of the convenient and quick ways.

  • Navigate the official website of LATAM..

  • At the top of the LATAM page, you will see the My Trip tab.

  • Under that tab, you need to click on the Manage your Trip option.

  • Enter the order number or the reservation code.

  • You need to choose the ticket you want to cancel.

  • Tap on the continue option.

  • After canceling the flight ticket, you will get a confirmation message on your mobile phone. 

  • You need to pay some cancellation fees if required.

If you are still wondering about an alternative way to cancel the flight ticket with LATAM Airlines, then you must read the information as mentioned below.

Make a call to cancel LATAM Flight:

You can use the phone call as a process to get in touch with customer service representatives of LATAM Airlines, and they will assist you with the cancellation process, medium, and terms and conditions. You need to make a call at 1 866 435 9526, and your call will be forwarded to an automated voice. It will give you the instructions, and you need to follow them. After you complete all the steps, your call will be routed to the representative. They will give you the solution to all your queries. They will guide you and help you in canceling your booking.

Go to the airport to cancel the flight of LATAM Airlines:

You can also visit the airport from where you will take your LATAM flight. You need to submit all the required documents to the help desk. The representative will aid you and cancel your reservation.

What are the flight cancellation policies of LATAM Airlines?

LATAM Airlines has set some flight cancellation policies so that it will be easy for you to check whether you make the cancellation or not. LATAM flight cancellation policies are as per mentioned below:

  • You can cancel the flight with LATAM Airlines within a day of the booking.

  • If you cancel your flight due to the sudden death of a close family member or a friend, then you need to submit the death certificate at the help desk. The customer service representative will cancel your flight.

  • You can cancel your LATAM ticket at least 15 to 20 days before the departure of the flight.

  • If LATAM Airlines cancel the flight due to air traffic, then you will get a new flight, or they will give you a full refund.

  • You need to contact the travel agent for the cancellation of the booking if you book your LATAM Airlines flight ticket through.

  • For the premium members of LATAM Airlines, it will be easy to cancel the flight ticket. They can use their mileage reward for it.

 How much does it cost to cancel LATAM Airlines’ flight ticket?

The charges to cancel a LATAM Airlines flight ticket depend on your traveling route, destinations, and your ticket type. To get more information about the same, you need to get through the below-mentioned terms and conditions:

  • You need to pay 50 dollars if you cancel your flight after 24 hours of the booking.

  • If you make a reservation on a domestic flight and you need to cancel it, then LATAM Airlines will charge at least 65 dollars. 

  • If the passengers are traveling on an international flight, they need to pay 80 dollars as a cancellation charge after canceling the flight ticket with LATAM Airlines.

  • If you cancel the flight on the same day of the departure, then you need to pay the charges that will rely on your ticket type and routes.

You can cancel your LATAM flight ticket by using the procedures as per mentioned above. You need to get through all the policies of flight cancellation, and then you can easily cancel your reservation. For further assistance, you can also communicate with the customer service representative, and they will give you accurate information for your queries. LATAM Airlines always served the finest services to its passengers and made their traveling hustle free. 


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