How to cancel my Air Canada Flight

What is Air Canada Cancellation Policy

Air Canada flight ticket cancellation is permitted for all passengers if they are unable to board or unwilling to board the flight at Air Canada. But flighty cancellation is made under some terms & conditions framed by Air Canada. Every customer should follow the policies that will provide you with appropriate information regarding flight cancellation.

There are some disasters scenarios in which customers are imposed for getting their flight cancelled of Air Canada to perform other tasks. Those cases could be like bad weather conditions, emergency, or death of any co-passenger on board. Then, in that case, flights from taking off get stopped. But for your cancellation or how do i cancel my Air Canada flight ticket, you should always be aware of the Air Canada cancellation policy so that you smoothly run the flight cancellation process under those policies.

The following points are for Air Canada flight Cancellation Policies:

  1. According to the Canada flight cancellation policy, customers can perform the flight cancellation task with ease & can also submit a refund request for the same, irrespective of the platform or the mode that you used to book your flight ticket.
  2. You can claim the full refunds against your cancelled flight ticket if you keep up with Air Canada norms of 24 hours cancellation policy.
  3. If you cancel your flight ticket within 24-hours of purchase according to the cancellation policy, you get refunds against refundable & non-refundable tickets.
  4. At Air Canada, you can cancel your flight ticket before the scheduled departure time & will get full refunds. 
  5. Now, on the other hand, if you cancel your flight ticket before 2 hours of departure, after that your request for a refund will be cancelled & no refunds will be given to the customer.
  6. Lastly, all the refundable tickets offered by Air Canada is slightly higher than the non-refundable ones.

However, suppose you are now aware of all the essential tips of the Air Canada flight cancellation policy. In that case, you should also get some information on how do i cancel my Air Canada flight ticket. With some reference points, getting cancellation of flight tickets becomes more accessible & relevant for the customers.

So for that, you should follow these simple & helpful tips for the Air Canada flight ticket cancellation procedure;

  1. At first, you have to open the official website page of the airline. 
  2. After that, you will log in into airline account with the correct credential information. 
  3. Now you will visit my booking section. 
  4. Here you will have to enter your flight ticket PNR number & last name characters.
  5. After that, you will see on-screen the booking list with a complete summary
  6. Now you will have to select the flight ticket that you want to cancel.
  7. After this, you will see the cancel option there on the screen. 
  8. Click on the cancel tab & your flight ticket cancellation process will start. 
  9. Now you will have to type the reason for cancellation within 1000 characters.

Then, in the end, you will receive a flight cancellation email with all summaries encrypted into your email for your reference.


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