How do I change American Airline Flight?

For instance, when a traveler makes his reservation ticket with American Airlines and wants to reschedule their flight date which they will board soon since they suddenly get an urgent meeting or their traveling companion gets ill or for any reason. So, they want to know the process and method of flight change on American Airlines flights. If you thoroughly read this document, you can learn to change American airline flight procedures to board the next scheduled flight since it contains factual data and information.

Can I change my booking on American Airlines flights?

Yes, American Airlines provides the passengers a facility of flight change in which the passenger is allowed to reschedule their flight date and time. To change American Airlines flights, you can use the online or phone call method and change your reservation at the airport counter and via a self-service kiosk.

How can someone change his American Airlines flights online?

Passengers who made their booking online on American Airlines flights or offline can easily change their flight online by using the following steps:

  • For the first step, the passenger needs to go to the American Airlines official portal.

  • After that, click the “My trips” button from the available options.

  • Now, the passenger must enter his last name and booking reference number to find his reservation ticket.

  • Then, the passenger booking details will appear on the screen on the next page.

  • Afterward, click the “change your ticket” button by which they will get the option to reschedule their booking.

  • Now, they have to select a new date and time for their new flight.

  • After that, save the new changes.

  • Pay the application fee as a flight change charge on American Airlines.

  • Then, click the “next” button to complete the flight change procedure.

  • The passenger will receive the flight change confirmation on his associated email address.

How can I reschedule my American Airlines booking on the phone?

If in the situation of when a traveler fails to reschedule his American Airlines flights online, then he can make a direct call to the American Airlines customer service agent by which the traveler can request their flight change. You can find the American Airlines phone number on their official website and then can dial this phone number - 800-433-7300 from your phone. After you reach the American Airlines live agents on the phone; then, you need to inform the agent to change your booking. Through this American Airlines customer service number, you can make your new booking and make any changes to your existing ticket. You can call this phone number anytime since it is available 24 hours in English language.

Are there any other alternative methods to change the American Airline booked tickets?

Yes, people who couldn’t change their booking on the phone or online due to bad network and server down issues can directly visit the American Airlines counter at the airport and talk to the live airline official about flight changes on American Airlines.

  • After visiting the counter, the passenger needs to follow the instructions given by American Airlines officials; the official will ask the passengers to provide their booking details.

  • After that, the official will inform the passenger about the available flight options on American Airlines.

  • The passenger has to select his suitable flight and then may need to pay the extra service charge and flight change fee on American Airlines flights.

  • The confirmation email of the new flight has been sent to the passenger’s registered email address.

What are the terms and conditions to change the booking on an American Airlines flight?

Whenever a passenger feels that they need to change the date of their reservation ticket on American Airlines flights then they are advised to read the below guidelines and policies for a Flight change, which they must keep in their mind before making any changes to their reservation ticket.

  • When a passenger changes his American Airline flight within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket and has more than seven days from their scheduled departure, then he will not charge for any flight change charges.

  • Changes made after 24 hours of flight booking will charge a penalty fee.

  • According to the American Airlines flight change rules, if you made your booking via any travel agent or from another website. Then, in this situation, you will need to pay the additional charge for flight change.

  • As per American Airlines policy, passengers must pay the fare difference amount for the flight change.

  • Passengers changing their domestic bookings, short-haul international flights, and long-haul international flights will not charge a penalty fee if they do not travel in basic economy tickets.

  • Travelers who have made reservations with Basic economy fares are not eligible for any changes and refunds since this fare is non-refundable and non-changeable.

  • Passengers who amend their reservation by phone calls and at the airport will need to pay a fee of service charge.

  • If you have booked an American Airlines flight via any third party or some travel agent, then you need to contact that particular agent to make any changes in your reservation instead of using ‘Manage booking” and phone call options.

  • If your fare for a new American Airlines flight is less than your original booking, then you will receive a difference back in the form of travel credit, which you can use for future booking purposes.

What happens when I make a same-day flight change on American Airlines?

If you are making a same-day flight change on your American Airlines reservation, you need to select and confirm your seats for different flight on your departure day where the seats are available. But the passengers must keep some important notes in their mind, as the alternate flight should be for the same airport location and destination. Your new flight will be confirmed within 24 hours of their departure.

People who are facing any trouble in changing their American Airlines flight tickets or don’t know the process and policy of flight change can use the above information provided in this blog to know each and every detail about rescheduling American Airlines flights. This blog might remove all the confusion you might get during the procedure.


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