How do I change my name on Alaska Ticket,if wrongly Written

There are a few passengers who mistakenly entered their name incorrectly on the Alaska ticket and realized it later on once the ticket was confirmed. In such cases, there is no need to worry, as the airline does provide the option to make the correction.

There are three easy ways available to change name on Alaska ticket, including the "Manage Booking" option, calling the airline, or visiting the airport. For any additional details regarding name, read the airline policy:

Alaska Name change policy:

  • Alaska Airlines provides free name changes for passengers who make the correction within the first 24 hours.

  • The airline does not allow the passengers to change the full name on the ticket but only makes corrections to it.

  • The passengers are allowed to make the correction up to 3 characters only.

  • The name correction can be done through three different methods, including the online mode, phone call or at the airport.

  • To make changes to the Alaska Ticket, the passengers need to provide the required documents.

Various Modes to change your name on Alaska flight

Mode 1: Through "Manage Booking" option

It is one of the quickest and most convenient modes to make changes to your flight, as you have to type the booking details and modify the ticket as per your choice. This option is available on the official website and the mobile app. Below are the instructions to use the "Manage booking" option:

Change Name on Alaska:-

  • Open the official webpage Alaska or the mobile application on your device.

  • Choose the "Manage Booking" section.

  • Write down the "Passenger's Last Name" and "Confirmation Code".

  • Then, you need to select the option to change the name on the ticket.

  • Make the changes as per your choice and share the required document.

  • Pay the charges and download the updated ticket.

Mode 2: Calling the airline's contact number to change Name on Alaska

You can also dial the Alaska airline's contact number and talk with an executive for name correction. When you get in touch with customer service, discuss the changes, and they will assist you. If you have any questions, then you can ask the executive and get an effective answer. Follow through the steps to learn about the procedure for calling the airline:

  • Place a call to the Alaska Airlines contact number.

  • Press the IVR option to change the name on the flight ticket.

  • Within a few minutes, the call will get connected to a live person.

  • You need to provide the executive with the flight details and explain the changes you want to make to the name.

  • After that the executive will make the changes on your ticket and also provide the relevant details.

Mode 3: Visiting the airport to change Name on Alaska

Any passenger who was unable to change the name on the ticket through any of the above modes can visit the airport and speak directly to the executive. Head towards the ticket counter of the airline and provide the flight details to the live person. Explain the changes you want to make and pay the ticket amount. The executive is going to get you the updated ticket immediately, and you will also provide a quick response to any questions.

What are the charges to change the name on an Alaska flight?

The airline only allows minor changes on the ticket up to 3 characters with a fee of $150. However, if you make the correction within 24 hours, then Alaska Airlines will not charge any amount. To pay these charges, use the online mode or visit the airport. If you encounter any issues or have any queries, then reach out to customer service for assistance.



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