How do I change Qantas flights Tickets?

While your booking is confirmed, it's pretty simple if you want to make some changes. Qantas Airlines has a flexible flight change policy that allows you to modify bookings in case of a change in plan.

You can change Qantas flights using the same source through which the booking is made. Like if you book your flight by visiting the Qantas website, call center, or at the Airport, you can make changes by visiting the official site online, contact center, or at the Airport. If the booking is made via a third party, the agent can help you with modification. In the blog, here will discuss the relevant details about changing flights with Qantas and walk through it to better understand.

Various Methods to change Qantas flights

Here we will discuss all possible options to change Qantas flight; you can select the one that suits you most.

Change flight ticket online:

  • To change the Qantas Flight ticket online, go to Qantas website.

  • Go to the manage booking section.

  • You can enter booking, flight credit, voucher reference, and surname, click on search.

  • Now select the itinerary you wish to change and click on Edit the reservation.

  • Select the new date of booking as per availability and make changes you want.

  • Save the changes and proceed with the payment 

  • You might need to pay the change fee and fare difference if applicable 

  • Once done, follow the prompt to complete the modification process 

Change the Ticket over the phone:

  • Dial the Qantas hotline number on the website 1-800-227-4500.

  • You can speak to the Qantas agent by following IVR commands.

  • Once connected, request the agent you want to modify the booking.

  • Confirm your details and the changes you want to make.

  • The Qantas team will modify the booking on your behalf.

  • Pay for the change fee and fare difference which applies.

  • Soon the agent will make changes on your behalf, and you will get a confirmation email soon.

Change the Qantas booking at Airport:

You can also use the traditional method of changing flights. Go to the airport Qantas ticket counter and request the agent to change your booking. Provide the details they requested, and your booking will be changed successfully. Note you might need to pay an additional change fee when making changes by visiting the Airport.


If your ticket is booked via a third party, speak to the agent directly to modify your booking.

So above are the methods you can use to modify the booking. Now let's proceed further and learn about changing fight terms and conditions.

Qantas changes flight policy.

Qantas allows you to change your booking for free if the departure is seven days away and you make changes within 24 hours. However, a change fee applies if you fail to make changes within 24 hours.

  1. In case of name changes, Qantas allows you to make modifications up to three characters only. Changing a name completely is not possible. Besides, it should match your passport and the government id.
  2. In case of marriage, divorce, or any legal name changes, you can make the changes for free. However, you must submit legal documents.
  3. If you change flight due to death or grief in your family member or the co-passengers, the qanats might waive your change fee.
  4. If Qantas changes your flight and you don't want to accept it, you can ask the airline to cancel the bookings and provide a full refund. 

Qantas Change the flight fee:

The airline doesn't charge any fee if you make modifications within 24 hours, and departure is seven days later. However, if you fail to do so, a change fee applies based on fare condition, class, etc.. The change fee ranges between $ 100 to $ 400, and it can be higher if you modify the booking on the same day of departure.

Things to Consider for Changing Flight with Qantas

Check your fare conditions that apply to the flights and fees that might apply. You might also need to pay the fare difference based on your new booking.

Any changes you make will apply to all the passengers in the booking. If you wish to change the booking of an individual, you will first have to separate them from the booking. The passengers must be placed in a new booking with a different number, and you can change the booking.

In case you don't have access to modify tickets online, call your local Local Qantas office. A change booking fee might apply.

You can change your Qantas flight if your fare conditions allow you to do so. You can change the booking by yourself by visiting the Qantas website. You might need to pay a fare difference and change fee if you change the booking. Besides, the change type you make is also based on if the Ticket is booked with Qantas Points, Points Plus Pay- Flight Points Plus Pay- Flight, or class flight rewards. By reading the information above, you will hopefully learn how to change Qantas flights. If you want more information or have any further doubts, you can speak to the Antas team directly. 


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