How Do I reach VietJet Airlines?

A low-cost Vietnamese airline based in Hanoi is Vietjet Airlines. The airline is recognized as one of the best-flying budgeted airlines. For instance, if you are facing any issues with the booking and want to find a solution, you can go through the information given in the content that shall help you contact the airline and avail of a solution. The given contact details are listed below so that you can find a solution. There are multiple contact modes available to get through the airline and avail of help. Upon contacting the executive from VietJet, you can find an apt way out and get aid to the issues you have.

How to connect with VietJet Airlines via call?

Through a phone call, any problem can be solved in minutes. You can find an appropriate method to contact for the different issues by dialing the VietJet Airlines phone number. You can find the same by going through the list of steps as follows:

  • Go to VietJet Airlines' official website,

  • Scroll the page, and from the footer, click on the call center option. 

  • You will get the number 1 900 1886. Dial and connect with an executive for the help you wish to avail yourself of.

To Talk with someone at VietJet , you have option to dial customer service number (+66)-2-089-1909. Afterthat you can discuss all of your booking queries with live person directly.Operating hour: 08:00-22:00 Local Time (Monday-Sunday). You can also send email at

Can I chat with a VietJet customer agent?

Yes, for multiple services and issues, you can chat with the customer agent from the airline. The following steps shall help you through the procedure:

  • Reach VietJet's official page.

  • Click on the Amy chat bot icon available on the right side of the page.

  • Now, for the next step, a chat box will appear on the screen.

  • Answer the questions, and then connect with an agent for the solution to your questions.

Live Chat Options of Vietjet:

  • Facebook messenger (@VietJetThailand)

  • Line Official Account (@ThaiVietjet)

  • Twitter direct message (@ThaiVietje


How to send an email to the VietJet Customer service team?

Mailing the issue you have can also help you get a solution. You can connect with the airline and then get a solution. Draft and explain the problem you have with the customer service of VietJet, and then attach the required documents. Also, you can add screenshots and screen recordings for the range of issues you have. Post explaining the issue you have, you can go through to send the same to their official email address, You can very soon get a revert from the airline for the issues you have and avail of one acceptable and adaptable solution.

Can I send a letter to VietJet Airlines?

Raising a query can also be done by making a complaint to the airline upon sending the issue to the office address of the airline. Provide all the necessary documents and the required details so that the customer agent can avail you of an appropriate solution. The address at which sent the query is VIETJET AVIATION JOINT STOCK COMPANY, 302/3 Kim Ma Street, Ngoc Khanh Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

How to get through Vietjet Airlines via social media?

Being one of the most used and prevalent modes of contact, social media is very well-known in the world for communication. You can reach the different platforms where the Vietjet airline is available so that raising the issue can be solved. The different platforms where the airline is connected are:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Zolo, etc.  

When is the customer service of VietJet available?

The customer service of VietJet Airlines is available around the cock for the different services. You can go through the given services below for multiple issues. As they are 24/7, you can call them at any time. However, you must contact during the most affordable time so that availing a solution can be easier. You can go through them during the earliest hours of the morning or during the late hours of the day.

What services does the customer service of VietJet Airlines help you with?

VietJet Airlines have a different range of services and facilities that they provide to their customers. The services they offer are dissected into three categories, listed as online, airport, and onboard services.

  • You can get to avail different online facilities, like a refund, compensation, seat selection, upgrades, check-in, policies for different processes, etc. 

  • You can avail of various services at the airport, such as lounge access, retail shops, parking, arrival assistance, baggage delivery, premium check-in, etc. 

  • With the help from VietJet, you can take up facilities that the airlines provide on the aircraft, help availing IFE, choice of food and drinks, comfort items, etc. 

What are the advantages of contacting VietJet Airlines?

With the help from VietJet, there are multiple services and advantages which you avail yourself of. These advantages are pointed out below:

  • Easy and fast solution.

  • Cost-effective and time-saving.

  • Effective and adaptable.

Can I be put on hold while contacting VietJet Airlines?

VietJet Airlines generally doesn't tend to put you on hold and tries to provide you with a solution for the query you have at the earliest. But at times, plans don't go as planned, and you are kept on hold. There are several reasons why the airline is being forced to put you on hold. These reasons are given below:

  • High call volume

  • Lack of airline staff

  • When there is an immediate change in a planned trip of american Airlines

  • Due to a natural calamity/ epidemic, travel is being affected, resulting in a hustle-bustle among travelers.

How to skip the hold of VietJet Airlines?

You can skip the hold by filling out the VietJet callback form. You can also place a callback request via the callback form available on the homepage, as a result of which the customer support team shall get back to you and help you avail of the best service. To reach the same, you can heed the steps:

  • Reach out to VietJet Airlines' contact page. 

  • From the forms section, choose the callback form. 

  • Supplement with information in the form and submit it. 

You will soon receive a revert. 


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