How do i get in Touch with Live Person at Eva Air Customer Service?

There are many travelers who want to travel via EVA Air to different destinations, which is Taiwan's major air carrier. Sometimes these travelers want to communicate with customer care services to seek travel information prior to boarding the flight. If you are curious to know how to speak to live EVA Air representatives to collect relevant travel information, then you can go through the important details mentioned in the forthcoming section and then prefer your desired mode to communicate with the airlines.

How do I speak to a live person at EVA Air:

The process to call and get direct assistance from eva air:

In many cases, customers want to get associated with EVA Air directly to obtain information and terminate travel issues. These customers have the facility to reach live person of Eva Air directly by calling. They can approach the customer services of EVA Air by dialing EVa Air phone number: 1 (800) 695-1188; now, callers have to wait for some time, and soon they will hear automated instructions. To get in contact with live representatives, they can follow up on all the steps, and finally, when a call is forwarded to the concerned EVA Air representatives, they can discuss their reason for calling and expect a solution from the live representative immediately. 

What is the customer care operating time of EVA Air:

EVA Air customer care services are in operating mode from 5.30 am to 5.30 pm from Monday to Friday on working days. On national holidays customers must note that they can only call from 7 am to 3 pm. If any ticket holder comes across an issue apart from the time mentioned above, he can use other 24*7 available modes to communicate and get assistance.

What is the best time to communicate with EVA Air?

If any person wants to get a hold of live EVA Air representatives and he is looking for the best time to get through the customer care services to avoid being glued to busy phone routes, then he can select the time of the morning. Calls made after 8 pm can also be received by live representatives as phone lines are mostly busy during evening hours or mid-noon time. 

Does EVA Air customer services are available 24*7?

Yes, EVA Air provides the option of customer services to ticket holders 24*7. If any customer is keen on receiving assistance over the call, then he can call during their working time. If in case phone services are not operational, then customers can use other modes of communication like connecting over social media or requesting a callback. If any passenger has already traveled with the airline and has concerns, then he can post a letter describing his issue. 

What concerns can be resolved by contacting EVA Air customer services?

EVA Air customer care services can be contacted to gather answers to multiple travel queries. Ticket holders can also communicate with them to get assistance for their past travel experiences. If you are wondering what concerns can be resolved by contacting EVA Air customer care services, then you can communicate with them for any of the following purposes:

  • To make flight bookings.

  • To select seats or to upgrade travel classes

  • To know about group bookings

  • For gathering details regards travel vouchers or available discounts

  • To request special assistance

  • For luggage related problems or information 

  • To know about loyalty program membership

  • To seek information regarding refunds, cancellations or fight rescheduling, etc. 

Is it possible to send FAX to EVA Air?

Yes, there are many times in which customers want to deliver their concerns to the airline immediately. In that scenario, the best alternative is to drop a FAX. Since this medium consumes the least time to get delivered, customers can use this. They must briefly frame a message and drop it to the official EVA Air FAX number: 1-310-3626620. They can also provide their contact information or email address to receive a revert from the airlines.

What is the office address of EVA Air?

There are many customers who want to reach the airport office of EVA Air to personally mention their travel concerns with corresponding representatives or to get information regarding their trip. These customers can approach the EVA Air office address mentioned below;


117, Sec 2, 

Chang An E. Rd., 

Taipei 104 Taiwan

Does EVA Air provide a callback option to customers?

Yes, in some regions, a callback facility is available by EVA Air; if any customer wants to use this mode of communication, then they are expected to follow some set of instructions and proceed ahead. If you have also tried calling EVA Air and cannot get assistance due to busy phone routes, then you can opt for this option using the online steps given below:

  • Go to the website of EVA Air.

  • Select your region from the top menu list.

  • Turn to the “contact-us” section.

  • Now you must log in to proceed, as this option to communicate is only feasible to registered customers.

  • After logging into your account, you will find the callback form link.

  • On clicking on the option, you will see a new tap will load.

  • You must prescribe your available time and phone number and click on the submit button.

  • Finally, you can expect a call from EVA Air at your mentioned time.

Is it possible to post a letter to EVA Air?

Yes, Eva Air provides the option to send letters to their customer care services. If you are wondering how to share concerns, then you can write your problem, attach all the copies of your travel documents like tickets, identification card, and other relevant documents and post it to the following official address:

EVA Air 

America Head Office, 

2199 Campus Drive, 

El Segundo, CA 90245, USA

How to connect with EVA Air on social media?

There are many customers who want to get through EVA Air on social media to collect flight information instantly or to share their travel experiences with the airlines. If you also wish to use the platform of social media to communicate, then you can send messages and expect an answer immediately. This mode of communication is available 24*7. Customers can also post their travel problems tagging EVA Air official handlers on Facebook, instagram, and Twitter. They can also expect frequent information regarding flights, terminal updates, and deals and discounts on these platforms. 


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