How to do I speak to a Person at Qantas Customer Service?

Ways to contact with Qantas Airlines Live Person

Qantas is a well known Australian based airline and provides the best customers services to its passengers. It offers the best entertainment, refreshments and goes for the checked baggage on every flight. Qantas provide flights to many destinations whether domestic or international. Customers can book their flight or avail any services at the official website of Qantas airlines. Qantas never compromise in providing services to travel around the world. Some customers found issues in booking their flight online or there might be many problems which customer may face, then they can contact the customer service any time. Therefore if customers dont know how to do I speak to a live person at Qantas then they are required to know the various ways to contact the customer service.

What are the Different Methods to communicate with Qantas

Ways to speak with someone at Qantas through Phone:

Customer can ask their questions or any sort of problem by dialling the customer service number 13 13 13 (Local Official) or +1(878)-728-7032 (OTA, No Wait Time) /+61 3 5462 4520 and talk to the Qantas airlines live person anytime. When general call center number is connected then you can press #3 from your phone to communicate with agents directly. Phone number of different countries are available at the official website of the Qantas airlines at contact us option.They can also visit the near regional office about ticket booking, manage reservation or other queries. They can also follow below IVR instructions carefully:

Steps to Connect Qantas Customer Service Team immediately:

  1. Dial qantas general call center number: 1 800 227 4500 (In USA) or +61 2 8222 2439(In Australia) to talk with agents.
  2. Now select your language of conversation.
  3. Press 1 for current or existing reservations.
  4. Press 2 for any complaint or feedback.
  5. Press 3 to start the conversation with the Qantas live person directly and speak to them about your problems.

Qantas Global Customer Service Contact Numbers by Airport

For Overseas 13 13 13
For SMS Services 0477 726 827
For Group Booking 13 26 24
For Frequent Flyer members 13 11 31
For Baggage Enquiry 1300 306 980
For Hotel Reservations 1300 738 206
For Holidays packages 13 14 15
For Travel Insurance 1300 783 146
Qantas Customer Service Brisbane Australia Call 13 13 13
Qantas Customer Service South Pacific Call +678 23 848
Qantas Customer Service Canada & USA Call 1800 227 4500
Qantas Customer Service Asia Call +91 22 6111 18 18

Qantas Customer Service Europe

Call 0800 964 432
Qantas Customer Service Middle East Call +971 2 611 8640
Qantas Customer Service New Zealand ( NZ) Call +0800 808 767
Qantas Customer Service Brazil Call +0800 883 0095
Qantas Customer Service Philippines Call ++632 8 3966940

Ways to contact Qantas through live chat:

You can connect to a Qantas customer service representative via chat. You need to go to the official website of Qantas airlines and select the contact us button. You will find the various ways to connect with the live person, select the chat support option from the given ways. A chat box will appear at the right corner of the page. Tap on it and a live chat will assign to you. Enter or select your issue with the given option and fix your problem with the live chat agent. They will answer you immediately as they are 24 hours available.Qantas live chat is available for Frequent Flyer members only.

Ways to contact Qantas through email:

When it seems that your problem is not solved through the phone and online chat then you can send an email to get online help. You are required to visit the Qantas airlines official website and go to the contact us option and tap on the email support option where you will get the official mail id of Qantas. Compose a mail of your detailed problem along with your contact number and send it to the customer support team. They will review your mail and revert you as soon as possible. In this way, you can solve your problem of how do I speak to a person at Qanta and get the assistance of your problem properly. It saves a lot of time to contact the customer team. The customer service team provide you with all the relevant details of the flight to travel across the world.

Ways to contact Qantas through Social Media:

Customers can easily chat with their problems at the social handles of the Qantas. In today?s scenario, everyone is using social handles and found it most convenient to reach a Qantas airlines live person through social media as compared to phone or email or live chat. You just visit the official site of Qantas and get the official social handles of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or youtube to send problems easily. A live agent will reply to your problem in some time and give you a genuine answer regarding flight service at any time.

Qantas Supportive Links

Qantas Call Center Number 1 (800) 227-4500
Qantas Emails,
Qantas Online Chat By WebChat pop up
Qantas App Available to download on your tablet, Android or iPhone.
Qantas Help Link
Qantas Latest News
Qantas social media Facebook, instagram,linkedin, twitter, youtube
Qantas regional office Mascot, Australia
Qantas complaint form

Tips before you get Qantas

Qantas Airlines has ensured that you can easily connect with Qantas Airlines. Not only must you be aware of the information you need to connect with Qantas, but you also need to know the information you must have before you contact them.

Important Information to know before you contact Qantas.

  • You can get in touch with the regional Qantas offices if you have any issues related to the baggage, etc.

  • If you want to claim your refund, you only need to go through all the refund policies. After that, you can fill up the reimbursement form.

  • If you?re a member of the frequent flyer program, then you can even connect with them through the webchat or the official email address. 

  • You can connect with Qantas through the social media account, on Facebook or Twitter. You?ll quickly receive the solution. 

  • If your query is simple, it can be resolved through a few texts. Then you can make use of the SMS service of Qantas. SMS are replied to much quicker than any other form of message. 

It is this easy to contact Qantas without even calling them. You only need to walk through the complete information which is given above.

It is important to understand the issues which you can resolve with the agent, following are some of them:

  1. The baggage policy of Qantas and the quantity of luggage a person can carry after the desired limit.
  2. Booking and cancellation of flights with the best deals at cheap rates.
  3.  Any Offers for group booking.
  4.  Refund related queries after the cancellation. The refund policy of Qantas, if eligible for the refund or not.
  5. Reschedule the same destination on another date or change the flight.
  6. Many more queries can be solved through the live agent.

If the customer wants the above questions or some of the fight service, they should feel free to contact the Qantas airlines customer service that is available 24/7. It is important to understand how do I speak to a live person at Qantas as there are many ways to contact the live person following are the simple ways contact.

How live person help to resolved problems with new & existing booking issues?

If you are traveling with your family and friends and want to make the bookings with Qantas Airlines but while getting the tickets, you are having various problems. These issues can be avoided easily by contacting the Airline, as they are the only ones who can make things convenient for you. They will ask you about your journey details, such as the dates, times, and arrival and departing locations, and make your reservations done. Later, you can pay for the tickets online and confirm the booking. With that, you must know how to contact the Airline, and we will discuss it further.

Most Asked Query When a Qantas Passenger not cennected via call:

Why does not Qantas Answer the Phone Call?

Traffic on call:- In this case, your call will not be connected to Qantas. This scenario occurs when a large number of people are making the call on the same contact number at the same time. Then due to the infinite approach of networks, it develops traffic of multiple signals that results in no connection of your call at your convenient time and takes time to connect your call.

Call on hold:- In the call on hold case, your call gets connected but put on hold. Many passengers already remain in the queue and take time to get satisfactory answers to their problems. So your number gets enlisted on the waiting list. Then you have to wait for your turn to connect with qantas and share your concern accordingly.

Pandemic Guidelines:- Due to the recent covid pandemic, every passenger wants to get informed by Qantas's complete information about Covid 19 guidelines to avoid mistakes at check-in time. The pandemic instructions include vaccination certificates, proper sanitization, wearing masks or nasal swap checking, etc.

It takes time to share this information about pandemic precautions and necessary steps, which also results in long holds on the call when you try to co

Is it cheaper to book flights through a travel agent or Qantas official?

The flight price is highly flexible. It changes within hours. So, flight charges depend upon the time of your flight booking. For example, if you have booked a flight three months before the departure, the flight charges will be cheaper. If you want to book an immediate flight ticket, you may approach a travel agent since they used to book tickets in advance, and at that time, online tickets may be much higher than the price charged by a travel agent.

Hence, the best approach is to book the ticket as early as possible because, in either case of booking by a travel agent or Qantas official, you can check the flight charges at the time of booking

What would better to call customer service Agent or fill the complaint form if i have booking issues?

If you are looking for instant responses from Qantas Airlines, then the best would be to call the customer service executives on qantas phone number. You will be directly connected to them, and it will become convenient to get help. On the other hand, with complaints form, you might have to wait for days to get a response. However, we have mentioned both ways so you can choose the one you like: 

  • Phone Number - You can dial 1 (800) 227-4500 and talk to the executives about your concerns. Let them know about your problems and make a complaint so that they can help accordingly.

  • Complaint Form: You should first visit the official website. Then go to the Help Center, pick your query, and a form will appear. Fill out the information and write your complaint in the description box to submit. 


People also Asked:

Q- What Time does Qantas Customer Service Open?

Its services are available (9 to 5 pm). Suppose you face any issues such as Flight Boarding or Flight Status. If you have any queries, you can get connected through its customer service assistants. They do provide you with proper ways to get in touch with its representatives. You can easily get connected through Qantas customer services that have been serving its customers for decades. By simply calling them, you will know how to contact Qantas urgently and get proper assistance.   

Q- How Do You Contact Qantas Airlines urgently?

Qantas does offer you and believes in providing the best services to its customers. You can easily get connected urgently through them by simply making a call to their official numbers. Qantas has an official number that guides you or provides better services to its customers, providing you the best or most optimum services.

The ways mentioned above will guide you in what times Qantas customer service opens and timings you can easily connect. Qantas believes in providing world-class services to all its passengers to maintain efforts to ensure they have several modes through which you can get in touch with its representatives.

Q- How long does it take for Qantas to Answer the Phone?

Suppose customers do face any queries regarding their check-in, reservation process. Qantas believes in putting customers first as they believe in putting their customers first. If being a Qantas customer, the average wait time for the Qantas will be 39 minutes (at times, it is more than 50 minutes ), through which you quickly get the services you do require from the Qantas airlines. If you request the callback, you can quickly get the benefits you wish to get from them, and they put their best efforts to get the services you want to have from them.

Q- Does Qantas Have an office in Melbourne?

Qantas is one of the prominent airlines which provides world-class services to their passengers. Qantas will be located at the mascot, situated in Sydney. It has a headquarters wherein 3,500 employees are working. It also has a maintenance facility available at the Brisbane airport. Passengers can drop their email and provide you with the finest services to avail yourself of the benefits from Qantas airlines.

Q- Can I get a Refund on Flight Due to Covid -19?

The corona has gripped the entire world. Yes, you are entitled to the full refund from Qantas airlines even if your flight gets canceled due to covid 19. They provide you the refund within a given time frame, and the refund will be provided to you within 7 -20 business days.

Q- How do I complain about my queries to Qantas?

Qantas Airlines provides 24*7 support to its travelers who are stuck in trouble. You can contact Qantas by several methods. Some of the effective contact methods are mentioned below; choose one, and you are good to go:

1. Phone Number 2. Web Chat 3. Mail Address

Q- Is it possible to reach Qantas over WhatsApp?

  1. No, you might not be able to contact Qantas using WhatsApp but do not fret about it.
  2. The airline is available on other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  3. You can choose any social media platform of your choice, and the airline can provide you instant and apt assistance.

Q- When does Qantas call center close?

The airline's customer service team is 24*7 available so that your concerns do not get unheard. You can find the call center number of your preferred region to get assistance in the best possible way. So, for how do I speak to a person at Qantas or contact Qantas by visiting its official address, or you can mail your queries too. Book your ticket with Qantas Airways to find easy and immediate assistance anytime throughout your journey.

Q- What is Qantas Platinum phone number?

If you are a Qantas Platinum member and face any sort of issue while making your reservations or any other related query, dial Qantas Platinum phone number at 1-800-227-4500 to get the best in class assistance from the live representative. They will quickly resolve the issues whenever you dial their phone number.

Q- Is Qantas moving head office?

No, Qantas has canceled the plan to move its head office due to varied reasons, and it is still located in Mascot, Australia. You can also enquire about the office by reaching the official website of Qantas.

Q- How do I contact Qantas UK?

If you are in the UK and wish to contact Qantas regarding any query, you can directly contact the representatives. If you are want to know how do I speak to a person at Qantas from UK, then you can dial its phone number UK 0800-964-432 from your phone and obtain the best in class assistance on each query.

Q- How do I stop Qantas frequent flyer points from expiring?

If you earn more points or use them within 18 months, you can stop your Qantas frequent flyer points from expiring. You can also get help from the customer service team of Qantas regarding the point's expiration, uses, and other related things.

The ways mentioned above will guide you on how do i speak to someone at qantas?, enjoy the hassle-free services from Qantas airlines, and enjoy the amenities of the Qantas airlines

Q- Does Qantas fly to Russia?

Yes it fly. Qantas customer service phone number for Russia +7 495 641 5121 open 9.30am to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday.

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  • user-icon
    Rachel Bennett
    2023-02-03 03:27:26.0

    can i have someone contact me regarding a qantas booking cant get through to anyone hours on the phone very disappointing

  • user-icon
    2022-09-02 22:43:37.0

    We will NEVER not fly with Qantas. Their customer service is non-existent. Some family members booked flights on Qantas for 4 June. Then they were struck down with Covid. They cancelled the flights within 24 hours and applied for a refund. They were refunded the incorrect amount - only a small portion of the flight cost. They paid nearly $4000, and to this day 3 September 2022, Qantas has not refunded them the money. They have been calling and emailing to no avail. They just get shunted from one person to another, but no resolution. Do not fly with Qantas.

  • user-icon
    Sandra Rees
    2022-08-15 00:35:23.0

    I flew with Quantas April 22 and returned 25/5/22 from Sydney to Heathrow. I had a 24 hr delay and had to stay overnight in hotel opposite airport. My travel agent has been trying to download a compensation claim form from Quantas since end of May 22. I have also tried ringing customer service with no luck. I will not fly with Quantas ever again unless this is rectified and e mail to the Daily Mail will be next. Explain why whenever my travel agent clics to download claim form it won?t download

  • user-icon
    2022-07-02 04:32:20.0

    Waiting more than one hour no answer

  • user-icon
    Peter allen
    2022-06-25 01:46:58.0

    Have just done two trips with Qantas to Adelaide and back,food was nothing flash but of good quality and wholesome.

  • user-icon
    alicia lucy
    2022-06-20 07:52:22.0

    I need to speak with someone about my flight today

  • user-icon
    2022-06-20 03:23:15.0

    i am disgusted with the qantas phone line inquries which earlier this year in april had me waiting over 5 hours at times and then being told that i must wait while they transfer me to another department the freqent flyer programme and whilst waiting they just hang up on me , that happened on more then one occassion , i have had to wait up to 4 plus 3 plus hours and then still not get the help needed bedause the call centre in africa struggled to understand me and me them , how bad has qantas became , alan joyce recieved billions of dollars in help and still sacked 1700 workers recently , im been here on the phone waiting to get help and i keep getting passed along to different departments , all i want is advice from frequent flyer programm , you will lose me forever qantas , the worst of treatment from call centre staff

  • user-icon
    2022-06-11 10:08:02.0

    Need to speak to someone on Qantas bag service. Flight QF636 Melbourne to Brisbane on the 10th of June 2022. Our flight was delayed for 2hours. Finally we got to Brisbane to be informed that our bags are in Melbourne. Promised us that we will receive our bags the next day. I?ve been on the phone for 3 hours waiting to talk to someone. It?s 8pm and I haven?t heard anything from Qantas regarding our bags. Thanks for ruining our holiday Qantas

  • user-icon
    2022-06-05 02:34:25.0

    I need to get to my son's funeral in Brisbane Friday 10 2022for compassionate grounds. I am unvaxxed due to having strokes(3). I have been told I need a medical exemption certificate and my doctor told to ring M.o.H. They told me the doctor had to request one. It is long weekend. I will get my Covid19 injection to get to my son. We are flying Qantas on 8th June 2022 at 6am flying to Melbourne transiting to Brisbane. We will be returning direct from Brisbane on Sunday 12th June, 2022. Would appreciate some help to cover my bases to get there URGENTLY. What paperwork I need please? EMAIL ME PLEASE.!!!

  • user-icon
    Marilyne Pasco
    2022-05-27 00:29:18.0

    I have returned back to NZ after five weeks away in Thailand. This trip nearly came to a holt at Christchurch airport. My flight was due to leave at 6am. I arrived at 3am with all the necessary paper work needed to enter Thailand . I was to transit through Sydney . Flight arrived there at 7.35am Flight out to Bangkok due to leave at 9.50am However the Qantas staff demanded that I fill out a DPD form needed to enter Australia. When I said I was only in transit and would not be leaving the airport they said it made no difference and if I wanted to fly that morning it needed to fill this form out. Then the problem started. I had difficulty uploading the information . My IPad had an issue with the process. I asked for help and asked if there was another way to fill out the form. I was told by staff there was not and it was my problem. After hours of trying and many request to Qantas staff for help my A Qantas staff member uploaded it on her device with in a few minutes. The plane was held up . I was the last person to be seated. I flopped down in my seat exhausted but relieved to be aboard. Should have be the end of my saga you would think. On arriving at Sydney airport myself and another passenger who also was told to fill out DPD form, waited in line to present our DPD forms to the Australian immigration authorities only to be told this was not necessary and to go straight to the transit lounge.. I did not let all this upset spoil my time with family in Thailand who I had seen for 3years. Another 5 minutes at Christchurch Airport trying to fill out a form not needed, I had decided I would have to walk away and return home I am angry with the lack of empathy and knowledge of what should be basic of the Qantas staff at Christchurch airport that morning. My flight was QF138 on the 18th of April . This experience has not put me off flying with Qantas as I had good experiences with Qantas in the past. The 18th of April was a nightmare and appalling lack of service on the part of the staff working that morning.

  • user-icon
    Lynette Savage
    2022-05-20 01:32:11.0

    Alan Joyce needs to be accountable to the many complaints above. My issue is with the disgusting food served on my domestic flight to Perth. Also your wheelchair services are inconsistent and need to be reviewed as each airport has a different standard of service. Perth was excellent but Sydney was very poor. More training needed please Alan.

  • user-icon
    Lynette Savage
    2022-05-20 01:31:52.0

    Alan Joyce needs to be accountable to the many complaints above. My issue is with the disgusting food served on my domestic flight to Perth. Also your wheelchair services are inconsistent and need to be reviewed as each airport has a different standard of service. Perth was excellent but Sydney was very poor. More training needed please Alan.

  • user-icon
    peter urquhart
    2022-05-16 01:43:43.0

    qantas can't be trusted promised me a phone call at 8.30 am on when to deliver my bags after they were left off my flight now 11.40 and still waiting. try to call qantas and have a two hour wait. all my meds and cpap are in them

  • user-icon
    Ainya Bartlett
    2022-04-28 16:38:44.0

    I was travelling to Brisbane from UK in Aug 2020, but was cancelled due to pandemic, I requested refund and have not received it. I finally got through to someone in Sept 2021 who confirmed it will take 8wks to appear in my account, Still nothing - it's now 28th April 2022. I have, since January tried to call day and night, morning and evenings, hold times are over 90mins. I just reached 95mins and I was cut off. This is really frustrating and I demand my money back asap as promised. Someone please contact me URGENTLY.

  • user-icon
    Bee Hong Teh (Sandy)
    2022-04-20 03:22:05.0

    Dear Sir/Madam, Qantas promised a full refund by email to me since February 2021 but until todate I didn't hear from them even though I emailed and called Qantas many times! Please help. My reference nos 04415233 and Frequent Flyer nos QF5907503 and my email address Appreciate if Qantas can kindly please give full refund to me as promised more than a year ago and as soon as possible! Please assist! Thank you and best regards, Sandy

  • user-icon
    Veronica McCoy
    2022-03-21 14:08:23.0

    We have a booking made for us by Qantas Sydney to travel in July 2022. We need to change the booking for Nov 2022.

  • user-icon
    Terence Prowling
    2022-02-09 05:48:03.0

    Can you kindly contact me I am waiting for a refund since 2020 domestic travel I have tried unsuccessfully with my travel agent, flight centre highpoint west Victoria Due to the pandemic the trip was cancelled. This seems very unfair they say that Qantas is holding the money

  • user-icon
    Andrzej SLAZAK
    2022-01-22 06:21:18.0

    My ticket was cancelled. 2020. I'm in Poland Warsaw. I want back to Sydney Australia My reference number N49FT9 PLEASE HELP ME

  • user-icon
    2021-12-09 01:03:42.0

    I am desperately trying to speak to a customer service officer regarding my PIN number however I cant get through by phone or chat option My phone number is 0406998048 The forgot pin tells me I must speak to someone.

  • user-icon
    2021-12-08 02:59:29.0

    i have waited over 5 hours to tlk to someone and can not get through, they make it hard to support them

  • user-icon
    James Buise
    2021-11-29 08:59:26.0

    membership number1042269. i have been trying since 2pm monday 29 nov to transfer my f/flyer 36000points to my daughter using f/flyer service centre but get cut off because i have not made a selection, not a happy chap or qantas member.Your files do not recognise my daughters name Belinga J Hackling f/flyer no 2220154.HAVE BEN TRYING TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE BUT NOBODY AT HOME ANYWHERE AT QANTAS,SHAME OF YOU PLEASE RESPOND ASAP VIA 0409916521 THANK YOU

  • user-icon
    alicia samosino
    2021-11-12 05:05:24.0

    Pls help me our passengers are ticketed with route MNL SIN via PR SIN BNE via QF and then after 1 week you had cancelled the route sin bne can you help me with this booking ? i called up already the sin center of qantas they told me that they can't help me only the main office of Qantas pls. help this is the booking of my passengers: 1.1GAN/FRANCESCA RICCI MS 2.1GAN/LUCAS RITCHIE MR VALIDATING CARRIER - QF 1 OMNL PR 507U 23DEC 0925 SPHAO OK 23DEC2123DEC2130K 2 XSIN QF 52S 23DEC 2010 SPHAO OK 23DEC2123DEC2130K BNE now SIN BNE is cancelled XS QF 52S 23DEC SINBNE HK/UN2 2010 0555 24DEC 5 /DCQF*52AGJB/E can you help me reroute their tickets to SIN MEL instead coz this is your flight now thank you. ALICIA SAMOSINO 09228912011

New Jersey

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