How to Text on United Airlines?

How can travelers text about their queries to United Airlines?

United Airlines is one of the big and famous American Airlines. And to ensure that the travelers don't have any queries while planning a trip, the airline has introduced a dedicated team of customer service to whom one can contact and get information regarding United Airlines reservations. 

Can travelers text their queries to United Airlines?

For travelers who wish to seek immediate assistance and no longer want to wait for the IVR instructions, they can opt for the text message service. By using this service, the traveler can send a direct message to the airline representative and get their queries resolved in time. 

So answer is yes travelers can text messages to United airlines any time. For doing messages they should join the United wifi network first then they should go to UnitedWifi and now click on free text option.Now text "HELP" to 26266 or people can easily dial at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331), here they can communicate with live person by following IVR instructions.

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What is the procedure to send a text to United Airlines? 

For travelers who are not aware of the process of how to text on United Airlines, they need to perform the listed instructions carefully and manage their bookings in time.

  1. Begin with visiting the official website of the airline and find the number assigned by United Airlines.
  2. Further, the traveler needs to dial a particular number and need to type HELP.
  3. Now, the traveler can send out a text to the airline to seek assistance. 
  4. Then, the traveler can even send STOP to terminate the texting service to disable the notification services. 

Alternatively, the user can follow the below-listed steps to resolve their United Airlines queries to plan out their trip:

  1. Begin with launching the official app of United Airlines. 
  2. Now, look for the Contact Us section and opt for the Message Us option. 
  3. Further, the traveler can enter their query regarding the rerouted or lost baggage or details regarding the upcoming flights. 
  4. The travelers who have queries related to the Mileage account can get fixed via text service.

Thus, this is the detailed procedure on how travelers can send a text to United Airlines and get their queries resolved in time. Still, if the traveler has queries regarding the text service or failed to contact the representative can visit the airline website or opt for alternative contact options. 

Is United Airlines text service is free? 

For the travelers looking for details on Can you text for free on United Airlines? As per the airline guidelines, United Airlines does not charge any fee for texting service. Besides, standard messaging and data charges might apply that one can check with the service providers. 

Alternative ways to contact United Airlines other than text 

Besides, for the travelers who have failed to contact United Airlines representatives via text service, they can opt for the following alternative contact options that include:

a) Phone call support 

The traveler can dial the toll-free reservations number to reach out to the representative and get their queries resolved in time. If the airline representative is not available over a phone call session, then the traveler can opt for the alternative option. 

b) Social media portals

Alternatively, the traveler can even send out direct messages to the airline via social media portals. The links to the Facebook and Twitter handles that travelers can find on the official Contact Us page of the airline. 

c) Online form

If none of the contact options work, then the traveler can fill up an online form by providing the reservation details. And once the form is submitted, the traveler will be offered the required information to manage the reservations. 

d) Send out an email

Moreover, the traveler can even explain their concerns to the travelers by sending out an email to the airline representative. And once the request is submitted, the traveler will get resolutions within few business days. 

Thus, these are the few alternative options offered by United Airlines to help one resolve their queries. So, for the travelers who are failing to contact the airline representative via text, they can opt for the following options and plan out their trip in time. 

What is the best mode of contacting United Airlines? 

After resolving the query on how to text on United Airlines,  travelers were looking for details on the best way to contact United Airlines customer service? To seek immediate assistance and manage the bookings in time, one can opt for phone call assistance and get their queries resolved in time. 


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