Aeromexico AMX- Is Aeromexico a Good Airline to fly with?

Aeromexico AMX- Is Aeromexico a Good Airline to fly with?

Aeromexico is the first choice of travelers to fly into Mexico and beyond as they fly domestically as well on international routes - the US, the Caribbean, Latin America, South America, and Asia. Airlines operated fleets featuring Boeing 737-800, Embraer - 190, Boeing 787 Dreamliners, and 737 MAX Aircraft specifically for the long routes. Aeromexico is a good airline because it provides multiple benefits and services to make the traveler's journey memorable and relaxing on both domestic as well as international flights.

Why Aeromexico is a good Airline?

Aeromexico is considered to be a good Airline as they provide a hassle-free booking process online and offline, quick expert assistance, and 24-hour customer support assistance. However, provides good connectivity to several popular destinations in Mexico and the US and provides opportunities to earn miles and points which can be redeemed on Delta as well as Latam Airline for preferred seat selection, upgrade, and additional services.

Services offered by Aeromexico Airlines:

Here you will find what you can expect when you board the flight with Aeromexico as it provides premium services to its travelers which makes it a good Airline. Find the list of services that passengers can enjoy during the flight.

  • Aeromexico Airline does provide In-Flight Entertainment services from Basic Economy to Premium Class.

  • Passengers will get four fare classes - Basic, Classic, AM Plus, and Premier however Airlines do offer refundable and non-refundable ticket options for all categories except the Basic Economy class

  • Basic Economy is the cheapest fare with some restrictions but comes with a complimentary full-size carry-on despite that passengers are not permitted for free seat selection and complimentary checked baggage.

  • Classic is the upgraded version of Basic which allows you complimentary seat selection and a 25% discount on checked baggage.

  • This is the Airline Economy Plus which provides extra leg space in the main cabin and get opportunity to enjoy Skypriority benefits.

  • The premium range starts from spacious seating, and recliner seats, and is more luxurious as compared to other fares.

  • Passengers can enjoy complimentary meals or snacks and drinks at no additional costs however the menus are prepared by the most famous chefs.

  • The airline does provide personalized attention to travelers who have requested special Assistance either for medical reasons, infants, or unaccompanied minors.

Elite benefits of Flying with Aeromexico:

Aeromexico provides flights to and from Mexico, the USA, Canada, and other major hubs however the operational headquarters of the Airline is Mexico International Airport. If you have purchased a membership of  Aeromexico or a partnered Airline then there are several elite benefits you can enjoy on your upcoming trip. 

  • Platinum, Black, and Black Signature Membership holders will be able to access the VIP Lounge at the Mexico City International Airport located at Terminal 2.

  • Passengers can get access to the Premier Lounges and all SkyTeam Lounges globally with an additional guest.

  • Aeromexico does provide a higher priority upgrade facility to travelers on both Aeromexico and Delta flights before 72 hours of the scheduled flight departure.

  • Gold members have access and can carry one extra checked bag on all Aeromexico flights.

  • Travelers are entitled to a complimentary upgrade and seat selection on both short/long haul flights.

  • However, Titanium members do not need to pay the service charges for one reward booking per year and also get access to all Economy seats during booking with no extra fees.

How to contact Aeromexico to get more information?

To learn more about the Reward program or memberships of Aeromexico, you can simply reach out and choose the suitable language. After that listen to the automated instructions, and enter the number key which leads to connecting the call with the representative. When the call connects with the agent share the relevant question to get an effective solution.


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