Is Cebu Pacific fly for domestic only?- Find the Truth

Cebu Pacific Airlines is renowned as the best Philippine low-cost airline based in Pasay in Metro Manila. It offers scheduled flights to domestic and international destinations, making your flight journey more comfortable. You can plan your tour with your family and friends by selecting the Cebu Pacific vacation package, which you can find on its official booking website. When you travel with this airline, you will obtain the best flights to travel domestically and internationally. It has won at least three awards from two international bodies for becoming one of the best low-cost airlines in the world, which you can book conveniently using its website and mobile app.  

Is Cebu Pacific domestic only?

Yes, Cebu Pacific operates domestically and lets you choose your international destination. Get the combined flight booking service when you fly with Cebu to more than 50 destinations. It is also the subsidiary of Cebgo, which focuses on domestic flights within the Philippines. So, when you travel domestically or internationally, you can get a luxurious flight journey to your required destination within or outside the Philippines. But if you find some trouble and are looking for guidance, you can approach a live person who is always there to assist you promptly. 

Cebu Pacific Airlines destinations: 

When you plan your tour with Cebu Pacific, you will enjoy a vast network system to travel to your destination anytime. It is associated with the most extensive route network in the Philippines that comes with the best routes to 36 domestic destinations, including Manila, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, and Clark. Also, get at least 14 international destinations across Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. If you need to gather more details about its destination list by selecting the countries, you can search for the best flight through a flight booking service. You can get a list of Cebu Pacific destinations below.

  • Australia. Melbourne.

  • China. Beijing. 

  • Malaysia. Kota.

  • Indonesia. Denpasar.

  • Brunei. Brunei and Muara.

  • Japan. Fukuoka.

  • Hong Kong. Hong Kong.

  • Macao. Macau, and so on. 

Cebu Pacific planes used for international flights:

If you want to fly with Cebu Pacific to reach your international destination, you must choose the new A330neo plane. It helps you fly to your favorite destination on a domestic and international flight journey. So, when you select this Neo plane, you will experience the best flight journey to Davao and General Santos in the Philippines.  

Get details for international flights for Cebu Pacific Airlines:

When you plan your tour to an international destination with Cebu, its Airports are also connected to international destinations, including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Obtain the best International carriers that serve the Mactan Cebu Airport, including Cathay Pacific and other airlines. If you also plan to catch long- and short-haul flights to and from Los Angeles and Dubai, select Cebu Pacific Airlines to make your flight journey more suitable and convenient.


Thus, whether you make your travel plan to a domestic or international destination, you can choose Cebu Pacific to book your flight and make your flight journey more affordable and convenient each time.  

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