Is it better to fly WestJet or Air Canada?

WestJet is a newer Airline compared to Air Canada. WestJet was founded in 1996, whereas Air Canada was founded much earlier, in the year 1937. Air Canada had a monopoly in Canadian air routes, but later they started cooperation with other airlines due to business restrictions. WestJet started as a domestic airline, but it started expansion in Europe and now has flights to Ireland and England. Air Canada started flying across the globe in the 21st century.

When you want to choose a winner for WestJet Vs Air Canada, you might want to consider whether you want to fly only domestically or you need access to flights all across the world. If you want a personalized experience choosing a smaller airline is always better as compared to flying on a large airline.

Factors to consider if you want to decide between WestJet or Air Canada

Westjet and Air Canada both are best and reliable airline. You can easily calculate the best one on the basis of follwing factors.

  • On the basis of Size
  • On the basis of Collaborations
  • On the basis of Destinations
  • On the basis of Inflight entertainment system
  • On the basis of Legroom
  • On the basis of Food


While Air Canada is the largest Airline in Canada, WestJet is not far behind is the second largest airline.

Air Canada has a fleet size of 188, while WestJet has a fleet size of 165.


Air Canada is part of the star alliance. WestJet is not a part of the star alliance. As Air Canada is a part of the star alliance, customers can get major benefits, and the airline provides flights to destinations that it does not fly to.

WestJet does not give you the benefits of being a part of Star Alliance.


This comparison of WestJet Vs Air Canada is highly significant when picking one of them.

Air Canada is considered a global airline, and WestJet is a Canadian carrier.

Air Canada has a thorough coverage of lower Canada from coast to coast, whereas WestJet covers western Canada.

Air Canada serves more than 150 destinations outside Canada and more than 50 within the country.

WestJet serves only around 70 destinations outside of Canada and 48 within the country.

Inflight entertainment system

Air Canada has a better inflight entertainment system compared to WestJet. Air Canada offers premium movies and tv shows, and wifi is also available.

As WestJet has an older fleet of aircraft, the inflight entertainment systems are old or unavailable. WestJet gives you wifi for a fee, and you get a selection of movies and TV shows. 


Air Canada business class seats are quite large and spacious.

WestJet international business class seats are the largest among its fleet and are super comfortable.

Domestic economy seats at Air Canada are called preferred seats due to the lower fare and extra legroom as compared to economy seats on other Airlines.

WestJet economy seats are small and less expensive.


estJet serves the delicious preflight beverage, a multi-course meal, alcohol, and snacks on the international business class flights, whereas on domestic economy flights, the airline serves snacks and beverages free of cost, and premium snacks are available for purchase.

Depending on the flying time, Air Canada provides the customers with complimentary hot meals, and Alcoholic drinks are complimentary. Air Canada does not serve any complimentary meals on domestic flights, but you can buy them. Snacks and beverages are provided free of cost.

With these details, when it comes to WestJet Vs Air Canada, any airline could be your champion.


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