Is luggage free on United Airlines?

While making the reservation with United Airlines, you will get all the facilities at the time of traveling. If you have got the complete information regarding your ticket, but you want to check more about the baggage and fees. You can carry free luggage, but it will totally depend on your ticket type, routes, and destination. You can get the detailed information about United Airlines baggage allowance, rules and regulations, and policies. Here will discuss more about baggage policies in the below mentioned article.

What is Baggage policy of United?

Before flying with United Airlines, you must get through the policies as it is important to check about the free luggage. United airline baggage policy as per described below:

  • While traveling with United Airlines, you can carry gold, precious stones, and all other essential items that can be easily broken or damaged in your carry bags.

  • If your luggage did not meet the limit that is set by United Airlines and your baggage exceeds the weight. You need to pay the fees for it. The baggage charges will depend on the weight of your bags.

  • If you are carrying any sports or electronic items, then you need to pay the additional fees for them.

  • The checked bags are free on United if the size does not exceed 30 in x 20 in x 12 in (76 cm x 52 cm x 30 cm). The weight of your bag should be at least 20 kg. If the weight gets increased, then you need to pay the additional charges.

  • The size of the carry-on bags must be 8.5 in x 11 in x 17 in (21 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm). The weight of the carry on bag should be approximately 10 kg. If you have an oversized bag, then United Airlines will charge some amount for it.

  • You are not allowed to carry chemicals, flammable liquids, lighters, or other restricted items in the cabin.

  • If you have made the reservation in the business class of United Airlines, then you are allowed to carry more than two checked bag in the cabin.

  • If you have purchased a premium membership of United Airlines, then you can carry the extra bags by using your miles points.

How many charges do I have to pay on overweight?

The charges for your luggage will depend on the class under which you have booked the flight ticket from United Airlines. The charges for overweight bags are as per described below:

  • If the weight of your carry on bag exceeds the set limit, then you need to pay at least 55 dollars as an extra baggage fee.

  • If you carry the checked bag and it is overweight than the limit set by United Airlines, then you need to pay approximately 70 dollars.

How do I carry extra baggage on United Airlines?

If you are traveling to an international destination with United Airlines and the weight of your bags exceeds. You can add the extra luggage at the time of your booking by using the online medium. It is one of the simple and swift ways. You need to follow the steps as described below:

  • Navigate the official web link of United Airlines.

  • On the top of the homepage of United Airlines, you will see the My Trip option. You need to tap on that link.

  • Select the Manage My Booking option that is given under the My Trip tab.

  • Fill out the booking confirmation code and the passenger’s last name in the following sections. Press the search option.

  • On the next page, you will have the details of all the flights. You need to make the selection from the ticket as per your need.

  • Scroll down, and you will get the baggage option. Tap on that link.

  • You will get the form and type all the required details in it.

  • You need to attach the required documents with the form and press the send button.

You will get a confirmation message on your email.


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