Is Qantas a good Airline?

Get enlightened with facts about why Qantas is a good airline.

Qantas is known for its excellent services that include both onboard and airport services, for example, additional food and drinks onboard, crews onboard and at the airport, check-in support and services at the airport, online 24*7 assistance, and many other facilities that consolidate the idea that Qantas airline is the best airline among many airlines.

Why is Qantas considered to be a good airline?

If a list is prepared to talk about which can fully satisfy passengers with its services, you will most of the time find the name of Qantas. Below are the different points that will strengthen the idea of being at the top of the list:

  • Flexible Services
  • Onboard services
  • Frequent discounts
  • 4-star airline

Different Flexible services.

Qantas offers different flexible services, such as an easy refund policy and process, extra luggage services, an easy booking and canceling policy, and easy pet policy. You are also provided to avail of special assistance services in case you travel any day with a senior passenger or with a passenger who requires assistance.

Different onboard services.

You are offered food and drinks, different entertainment sources like Screen, etc., assistance from crews on demand, extra legroom, comfortable seats, and multiple other things, for example, Wifi facility, magazines, etc., that ultimately makes a trip remarkable and comfortable.

Frequent discounts.

The airline, as compared to other airlines, consistently comes up with offers and discounts that can make the journey cost-effective. And this is how this airline has earned an enormous passenger base, and considering the fact, this will also come up with other discounts.

Are there any other points that consolidate whether Qantas is a good airline?

If you want to look at the customer review, ratings, additional services, and other aspects related to it, you are suggested to look at the points mentioned below:

  • As far as the rating is concerned, Qantas is certified as a 4-star airline. And this rating is given based on different services, their flexibility, and outcomes.
  • The points that are given to this airline are 7.5 out of 10 by different passengers who have already availed of the services.
  • The crews, inflight and airport, are trained to serve the best out of the best to passengers who look for assistance at the airport to check in, to provide the basic guides about how to board the plane, and what are do’s and don’ts, and other essential aspects.
  • You are also provided customer assistance 7 days a week, so you are not hampered by any of the processes, for example, while booking or canceling a flight, requesting a refund, or getting special assistance from the airline and other services.
  • While reserving a flight, you can choose the seat based on your requirement or desire.
  • There are rare conditions when the flight gets delayed, and there is a proper schedule for the arrival and departure of a flight.

There is also a parking facility which is provided, and this part is missing in most of the other airlines.

These points will create an idea about Qantas and whether it is a good airline. As it is officially rated 4.5 stars, this reflects its flexible services, customer assistance, and aim, which is winning the hearts of passengers.

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