The Philippines lifted travel restrictions for fully vaccinated international travelers?

The Philippines recently released some good news for travelers worldwide: the country is now allowing fully vaccinated international travelers to enter its boundary. So beach lovers can pack their bags and get back into the traveling business. With the ease of travel restrictions, the country has become the latest Southeast Asian nation that lifted off some strict travel restrictions.

Reportedly, on 10th February 2022, the country welcomed international travelers from the US as the Philippines is now open to fully vaccinated international travellers. The US Embassy recently released its statements regarding the visa-free travel allowance to vaccinated travelers.

Also, if you are vaccinated, you don’t have to spend time quarantining upon arriving in the country. But, it is still necessary that you present a negative PCR test that must not be older than 48 hours of the flight’s departure.

However, suppose you are unvaccinated and want to visit the Philippines. In that case, you need to stay in quarantine under the government’s observation, followed by getting tested against the virus on your fifth day of the quarantine. The country exempts kids under the age group of 18 years from presenting the vaccination certificates and other travel requirements.

Towards the reaction of ‘the Philippines is now open to fully vaccinated international travellers’ Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat stated, "We are also aware that there is no room for complacency given the unpredictability of the virus."

As per the sources, neighboring nations of the Philippines are also lifting the restrictions. Some major names are Bali and Thailand, as they now noticeably allow quarantine-free travel to the visitors. Travelers from worldwide prefer these nations because of their charming islands and beaches.

Philippines Travel Advisory 

To safeguard the safety requirements of its travelers, the Philippines government has released some travel regulations. Every traveler entering the border must abide by them to ensure a safe environment for themselves and the people around them. Check out some of the highlighted travel advisories as released by the government:

  • All passengers traveling on a flight must provide a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival at the Philippine borders. 

  • Also, a traveler must take the test within a day of the travel date; otherwise, you get exempted from entering the country.

  • If you are 100% vaccinated, you can travel to the Philippines for any reason, provided that you provide a document stating that you are fully vaccinated.

  • The use of face shields is made mandatory by the country’s government if you stay in medical or quarantine facilities.

The government keeps updating the travel advisories, foreseeing the pandemic's effects on humankind and the travel industry, so keep checking before you get excited by the beaches.

However, the Philippines is now open to fully vaccinated travellers, but once you enter the border, you must wear a mask when visiting a public indoor place. It is also essential that you stay updated with the travel advisory depending on your departure and arrival locations. If traveling with an airline, read their travel requirements to maintain as much safety as possible.


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