What are Important Travel Advisories to Travel to Russia

Russia Travel Advisory

As the world is aware of the ongoing war conditions with Russia and Ukraine, citizens are advised to avoid travel in the country. There is a danger for international students and citizens going there and getting stuck. Other countries have limited embassy ability to assist the citizens instantly.

However, if it is very urgent for you to visit Russia, you must know some important guidelines. This article can find the complete Russia travel advisory for the places not to visit, instructions, and many more. Also, before booking the flights, you need to check their updated rules for Russia and Ukraine. Let's check the points you should keep in mind before visiting there.

What are the locations one should avoid while traveling to Russia?

If traveling to Russia is important and necessary for you at the moment, you can go there by flight. The roadways are highly dangerous at the moment. Besides, you should not visit the following destinations in the country:

The North Caucasus, including Chechnya and Mount Elbrus

  • Here the threat of terrorism, kidnapping, and civil arrest are high.

  • The group of people is getting kidnapped, considering the terrorist.


  • There are a lot of military forces present in Crimea, which makes it unsafe to visit there at the moment.

  • Due to being a part of occupational in Ukrainian territory, there are risks of bomb blasts and other casualties.

So, these are the places under red alert in the country. Citizens are advised not to travel there under any circumstances. However, if you plan to go to other parts of Russia, here are some points you should know.

Things to remember before traveling to Russia

  • First and foremost is to know the guidelines provided by your country about visiting the place.

  • You should be aware of the things your government can do to assist you if you are stuck there in a crisis.

  • Have a backup or emergency plan if the government can help you with my rescue.

  • Keep cycling all the local media and news events and make plans according to that.

  • Ensure to keep all the travel documents and verification ids to that there is no case of terrorism against you.

  • Besides, travel documents can help you in the smooth emigration process.

  • Enroll n the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program to get alerts and make your location accessible to track in the emergency

  • Follow the social media pages of your country and the Department of State.

  • Monitor the Country Security Report for Russia.

  • Check the CDC's website to know the travel and Covid 19 conditions.

  • Understand all the information about Covid tests and vaccine requirements for different countries for the emergency.

In a nutshell, if it is not important to visit Russia, you should avoid making plans there. In emergencies, keep in mind the above-given points. You can also contact the airlines to book the tickets to inform you about their Russia travel advisory and then plan accordingly. Moreover, you can check the state guidelines before traveling to be safe. Hopefully, you will consider the advice and travel to Russia when necessary.


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