Qantas Airlines Pet Policy-Travel with Your Pets Safely with Qantas

Qantas Airlines Pet Policy-Travel with Your Pets Safely with Qantas

What is Qantas pet policy?

Just like other human beings, Qantas also provide the facility for the pets traveling with you to your destination. The airline team always stays flexible regarding the animals so that you can travel without hassle. Still, there are specific key points you need to remember that will make your entire trip enjoyable. You can read through policies and processes to take your animal with you. First, you need to know about the pet policy that has been flexibly made under the guidance of senior authorities so that you can include the pet without harming anyone else.

According to the Qantas pet policy, the pets include dogs (including service dogs), cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and domestic fish with no aeration requirements. If it is a domestic bird, there is no need for a travel permit. If the animal is brachycephalic (snub-nosed or flat-faced), it must be booked via a pet travel specialist. 

In case animals like reptiles, race horses, zoo animals, racing pigeons, mice, day-old chicks, live coral rocks, and marine animals for aquariums and research purposes are allowed with you in a particular order. These animals need extra care and special handling.  

How to add a pet on the Qantas flight?

You can add pets on the Qantas flight through the web. It is a few-step process, and you can do it from your preferred phone or laptop on the airline's official web. Follow the steps below and get the pet on the board.

  • Go to the official panel of Qantas.

  • After that, click on the pet section on the page.

  • Now, select "book domestic pet travel on the pet page."

  • Enter the animal, crate details, flights, and the summary on the next page.

  • Finally, you will be redirected to the payment panel to pay for your pet and confirm the ticket. 

You can have the confirmation code message in your registered details. 

What are the Pet crate requirements at Qantas?

According to the Qantas airline team, choosing a suitable pet crate according to the IATA-approved crate to keep the pet is very much a concern. So, the airline authority has issued particular dimensions for bringing the pet into the crate. It has been suggested that there should be enough space inside the crate for the pet to travel comfortably with suitable room to stand, sit, and turn around. The size of the crate determines the cost.

If a brachycephalic pet is booked through a pet travel specialist, these breeds need more giant crates than the standard size because of their compromised respiratory systems. The travel expert recommends bringing the pets in a crate, which is a minimum of 10% larger than the standard IATA-approved crate. 

What are the age restrictions for pets traveling on Qantas flights?

According to the Qantas rules and regulations, the pet should be at least 12 weeks old before their flight schedule, and pets over 12 years will need a vet certificate that tells about your pet's health. 

When can I book a pet on my Qantas flight?

You can book, update, or cancel a pet on your Qantas flight by booking up to 24 hours before the flight schedule without paying the extra charges. 

How can I contact the Qantas team about the pet's terms and conditions?

You can contact the Qantas team about the pet's terms and conditions via a toll-free number 13 12, 13 available 24 hours, Monday to Sunday. The number will help you quickly know the cost, timing, and pet flight change from the executive. 

You can rely on this article and clear your doubts entirely for further details. 


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