Located in the Indochinese peninsula and the most significant marine potential in southeast Asia, Vietnam has over 120 astonishing beaches. The impeccable beaches of Vietnam contribute to attracting important tourists from around the globe. About 65% of foreign tourists visit the country to experience the rich beaches. You name it: golden shimmery sand, clear blue water, palm trees, soothing wind, and it’s there. The beaches of Vietnam are so beautiful that visiting them can blow your mind and set you to paradise.

If you are planning to visit Vietnam, then definitely explore the beautiful beaches of Vietnam. There are a lot of places to go, and the beauty of Vietnam makes it challenging for tourists to cover such a large number of areas. Some of the best beaches in Vietnam have been covered here, so you don’t have to bother finding the best places. You have to visit and relax.

Here are some of the best beaches in Vietnam:

  • Da Nang beach

  • Cat Ba

  • Dong Chau beach

  • Star Beach

  • Hon Chong Beach

  • City Beach

1. Da Nang beach

Forbes has voted this among the six most attractive beaches in the world. It is located in central Vietnam. It has more than 25 km of coastline and soft-white sand. If you love the beach and the sound of water, this place is for you. Da Nang Beach will give you plenty to see since coral and other marine life occasionally washes ashore. It will find yourself staring off into the beautiful blue-green never-ending backdrop.

This place is famous for its unique round bamboo boats, and it is an experience worth the hype.

Location- Phước Mỹ, Sơn Trà, Da Nang, Vietnam

2. Cat Ba

It is considered as one of the largest island in Halong Bay, located in the Cat Hai island district, 30 km toward the East of Haiphong City and 25 km from Ha Long City. Cat Ba and Halong Bay are close, so if you visit Halong Bay, definitely pay a visit to Cat Ba.

The collective beach is three small beaches, this beach is a hidden gem, and now it is getting the recognition it deserves.

The best time to visit this place is from November to March.

Location- Trân Châu, Cát Hải, Hai Phong, Vietnam

3. Dong Chau beach

This beach is located in Dong Minh commune; it is one of the most peaceful tourist spots, where people come to relax and engage in various activities. It is surrounded by Casuarina forest, which gives this place a heavenly feeling.

It is very famous among tourists for its mesmerizing Sunrise view. It is one of the perfect destination for food lovers. This place has some of the most amazing local food, like Nhech salad, fermented jellyfish, jellyfish salad, Quynh Coi coup, etc.

Location - Dong Chau, Thai Binh 

Final Words- Some other equally beautiful beaches you can consider while visiting Vietnam are Con Dao, Ha Long, Hoi An, Ly Son, Con Dao, and many more. Vietnam is a perfect mix of nature, food, and rich culture, which one should keep in mind while visiting. There are many more than just beautiful cities; it has a massive collection of flora and fauna.


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