What are the Top most Places to Visit in Mexico?

Mexico is the most precious land. It has an amazing view and places to visit. The climate of Mexico differs in different cities. The best time to visit Mexico is between December to April. During this period the weather is extremely pleasant. There are plenty of places to visit in Mexico. Tourists get confused about which place to visit and don't know the top places to visit in Mexico. 

Mexico is a famous tourist destination because of its cultural festivals, colonial cities, nature reserves, and beach resorts.

Here is the list of top places to visit in Mexico:

1. Chapultepec Castle

Chapultepec Castle is a beautiful castle. Tourists come here to see this beautiful castle. It is the best place to visit for the people who love walking. Tourists come here to walk around and see the beauty of the castle.

2. Puerto Vallarta

It is one of the most famous beaches in Mexico. It is better known as 'Vallarta.' It was a vacation spot for the North American social elite, and now it has become a second home for foreigners during sunny and hot weather. Tourists who love adventure sports can find it here. There are several things to do here like:

  • Swim with dolphins

  • Paragliding

  • Jet skiing

3. Mexico city's historic center

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and the historic center of the country. It is Mexico's most famous travel destination because of its

  • outstanding museums, 

  • art galleries 

  • attractive spots in the city

  • huge volcanic mountain view

  • stunning scenery view.

4. Guanajuato

Guanajuato is the city to be explored on foot. This city is famous for old colonial buildings, winding lanes, and narrow alleys. The most memorable experience is visiting the plazas. The places listed down are worth visiting.

  • The old Diego church 

  • Juárez Theater 

  • Museum of Quixote

  • Jardin de la union plaza

  • Mummy exhibition

5. The ancient fortress of Tulum

It is located 12 meters high on cliffs, and you can see the beautiful Caribbean sea, which is heavenly and beautiful. Tulum is famous for its tall walls. The most important places to visit in the city are

  • Temple of frescoes: this temple is famous for its sculptures.

  • Castillo: it is the site's largest building, and it is famous for its cliffside location.

6. Historic Morelia

Historic Morelia is the beloved city of Mexico. It is a very delightful place in Mexico. Tourists willing to visit Mexico should stay in this city if they are in Mexico for a little time or for a long time. Places to visit in this city are:

  • Plaza de Armas: People who love to walk must visit here. There are so many cafes and restaurants to explore. You can also find the status of revolutionary heroes, alluring sketches, and amusing fountains, which make this city more attractive.

  • Morelia Cathedral is constructed from stone that is 100s years old and still looks amazing. 

  • Morelia Aqueduct: it was constructed in 1789 and presented 250 arches. It was also built with local stone. For many years it was the city's main source of water.

7. Mazatlan

 It is the underestimated place to look upon in Mexico. Mexico has only one historic city on the sea. The tourists can enjoy both historic places and the sea. Here tourists can find boutique hotels in Mazatlan and the best restaurants.


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