What happens if an Avelo flight gets Cancelled?

What is the policy for flight cancelation at Avelo Airlines?

If your Avelo flight gets canceled from the airline's end, in that case, you will get rh complete refund of your ticket amount. The airlines also inform you about the cancellation at least 48 hours before the departure time. However, passengers may sometimes have to cancel their pre-booked flight.

If you are someone who has made the booking with Avelo Airlines and now looking to cancel the flight due to an unavoidable situation. You are advised to read their guidelines for canceling the flight and then proceed accordingly. Here are the terms and conditions mentioned to cancel an Avelo flight:

Avelo airlines cancellation policy

  • The passengers are required to cancel their Avelo flight within 24 hours of their booking to save the charges on the cancelation.

  • However, if they fail to cancel their ticket within this time frame, Avelo will charge a cancelation fee from the passenger for canceling their ticket after 24 hours of the booking.

  • If you had to cancel the ticket for a medical reason, you are entitled to a full refund after presenting the medical reports to the Avelo airline.

  • If the flight is delayed by more than three hours, the airline allows passengers to cancel their flight and apply for a complete refund.

  • If you have involved an intermediary in the Avelo reservation process, you need to contact the travel agent to cancel your flight.

  • If the airline cancels your ticket due to overbooking or any other technical reason, they will revert the complete refund to your source payment.

The process to initiate the cancellation with Avelo Airlines

If you are looking for the procedure to cancel a booking made with Avelo Airlines, here are the necessary steps. You can also apply for a refund to receive your money back after canceling your ticket.

  • First, you need to land on the Avelo Airlines official site,

  • Open the "Manage Trips" table on the homepage,

  • Put the Confirmation Number and the last name as per the flight ticket,

  • Then tap the "Manage" button to access your itinerary,

  • Pick the flight ticket on the page and opt for the "Cancel my flight" option,

  • You need to select the concerned reason for canceling the flight ticket,

  • Pay the applicable charges if it is applicable on your flight,

  • Then your Avelo flight will be canceled successfully,

  • After that, you will obtain a Refund option on the page,

  • Clicking the same, you will receive the refund form on your screen.

  • Put the necessary details on the given fields,

  • And your canceled flight refund request will be sent to Avelo Airlines. 

  • It will take up to 5 to 7 business days for you to get the refund of your ticket amount.

The passengers who booked with Avelo Airlines and had to cancel can follow the above-given process to understand the process. They can take help from here to inform themselves better about the topic as it contains the policy and process for the refund. However, if you still need clarification and want to know more, visit their official website. 


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