What is the 24-hour rule at Lufthansa?

According to Lufthansa's 24-hour policy, if you cancel the itinerary within 24 hours of buying the flight ticket, then the airline will not charge you the cancellation fees, and the amount will be provided back to you at your registered payment details. On the other hand, if you cancel your flight after 24 hours of purchasing the flight ticket, the airline will charge you the cancellation fees from the flight fare, and the remaining amount will be sent to your preferred payment mode.

In the worst case, if your flight got canceled due to weather situation or technical issues, then the airline authority will not charge the cancellation fees, and the airline will provide you a full refund to your account.

Unfortunately, your family member died due to a medical condition, and you cannot board the flight, which eventually cancels your reservation. In that case, you can deposit the supportive documents related to the death, and the airline authority will verify them and then provide you with the flight fare without the deduction of cancellation charges.

How can I cancel a Lufthansa flight under the 24-hour rule?

You can cancel Lufthansa flights under the 24-hour rule via online mode because it is quick and accessible from your preferred system. After cancellation, you will get your money quickly through the digital method. It is time and cost-saving, so run your eyes through the cancellation procedure and complete your task without hassle.

  • Open the official page of Lufthansa airline.

  • After that, log in through your details, and the interface will show you the managed booking tab.

  • Enter your booking details (booking reference number and last name) at the manage booking tab, then click on next.

  • Now, the screen will pop up the list of flights. Select your suitable flight, then click on the cancel button. 

  • Follow the terms and conditions page, then confirm your cancellation.

  • At last, pay the cancellation fees (if any) and get the confirmation code in your registered details. 

Lufthansa flight cancellation via airline app

You can also cancel your flight itinerary via the Lufthansa airline app, which is available for your suitable smartphones (Android or IOS). You can download the app for free and then follow the below-discussed cancellation method.

  • Go to the official Lufthansa app on your phone.

  • Then, sign up with your credentials, and the home screen will display.

  • On the screen, tap on the manage booking option and fill in your details.

  • After filling in the booking number and surname, tap the continue option.

  • The app will display the flight details under that touch on the cancel tab, and your flight booking will start canceling. 

  • At last, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the cancellation, then receive the confirmation notification on your phone. 

What is the fee of cancellation under the 24-hour rule of Lufthansa?

The cancellation fees charged by Lufthansa range under the 24-hour rule from 300 $ to 750$. The costs can be paid through different payment gateways.

For the further process, you can connect with the customer service team of Lufthansa at toll-free number 1800 102 5838 and gather all the necessary information regarding the cancellation. 


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