What is the cheapest month to travel to Greece?

Greece is well known for being the beginnings of philosophy and the birthplace of democracy; not only this, Greece has been famous for ages for its art, theater, map making, medicine, Pythagoras, Socrates, Aristotle, and whatnot. People who love to dig into the history and are interested to see great architectural buildings can visit Greece and make way for this place on their bucket list. This post will provide you with some tips and tricks to adapt while visiting Greece and the best time to travel to Greece, so stick till the end to find answers. Let us look at some of the must-to-do things while you are planning a trip to Greece before moving forward with the tips and tricks to go there.

Things to do in Greece

Greece is not only a country but is filled with many attractive destinations that a visitor can't miss. If you want to comprehend deeper about this country, then you have to explore its food, places, climate, and the things that are highlighted down below:

  • Plan a tour of the acropolis; if you want to dig into the ancient part of Greece, you have to visit the acropolis to find the stunning landscape view.

  • Make a way to trek Mount Olympus, which is world-famous for the people who are a fan of Greece mythology.

  • Check out the lake plastira, known as the artificial lake, but it takes your breath away as it looks surreal.

  • When in Greece, any traveler cannot miss the chance to visit Santorini as it is known to be the most beautiful place on earth. Santorini has a romantic vibe and is covered with great views. 

  • Make sure to visit the famous monasteries and museums around Greece.

  • If you are a beach lover and want to visit a beach in Greece, Balos beach is your go-to place. 

Best time to visit Greece

You can choose May(late spring) and Sep-Oct(Fall season) to visit at Greece.There is no rain and pleasant weather at these month. In winter you can choose Oct through mid-March for traveling to Greece.

How to get cheaper flight tickets to Greece?

Whenever you book a flight towards any destination, it is crucial to keep some tips and tricks in mind before planning a trip to Greece. Below are some of the ways that can help you save money while making a reservation with any airline to Greece:

  1. The most crucial part is to compare the airfare of different airlines to know which airlines reservations are light on your pocket.

  2. Frequent flight travelers know the hack of booking a flight well in advance to get away by paying double the amount for the same reservation. Almost every airline has this policy of increasing the flight fare as the departure time approaches, so it's better to book in advance.

  3. Try to book the flight in the non-peak months when Greece is less crowded with travelers.

  4. Switch to incognito mode while searching for the flight so that your browser cannot save the cookies or any data. When passengers switch to incognito mode, their browser shows the same flight cost on each visit.

  5. Do not plan for a specific date; you need to be flexible with the dates as there is a huge difference in the flight fare amount just by a day or two.

  6. Take the direct flight to Greece instead of booking a layover flight with any airline, as the halt flights are comparatively costlier than the non-stop flights.

  7. Make sure to avoid traveling at peak hours, which means, if required, you can take the early morning or midnight flight to save some extra penny. Usually, the early morning and midnight flights are less crowded, and most passengers do not prefer to travel at these times, so the flight reservation cost is cheaper.

Hope this article briefly explains to you the ins and outs of Greece, what to do in Greece, the best time to travel to Greece, and tips and tricks on flight booking. Make sure to read this article thoroughly and make your trip memorable. 


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